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TAPE says it did not hack ‘Eat Bulaga’ YouTube account

September 12 ------ The Television and Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE) vehemently denied that it hacked the YouTube account of “Eat Bulaga” to regain access and presented receipts showing it is the registered recipient of monetization payments from Google, which owns the popular video website.

Maggie Abraham-Garduque, lawyer of TAPE, said TAPE will not hack the account as it is the registered owner of the “Eat Bulaga” YouTube account. "TAPE did not hack its YT [YouTube] account. TAPE will never do such a thing. TAPE is the registered owner of said account, thus, it was able to coordinate with YouTube to be able to inform it of the new contact person and the new email and password for the account since the former administrator thereof, who was a former employee of TAPE, left without turning over its email and password to TAPE,” she said. She said based on YouTube records, the “Eat Bulaga” account has the following details: Registered owner: Television and Production Exponents, Inc. (TAPE Inc.) Administrator: Former employee of TAPE Inc. Monetization payee: Television and Production Exponents Inc. (TAPE Inc.)

Abraham-Garduque was reacting to TVJ Productions’ lawyer Enrique Dela Cruz who said they may file legal action against TAPE regarding the “Eat Bulaga” YouTube account access. "The owner of the YouTube channel is the owner of the email used to register it. It is not TAPE. That is why they never had access to this account. This may constitute a cyber crime if they hacked into the account or made misrepresentations to YouTube," sad Dela Cruz, GMA News reported. But Abraham-Garduque refuted his statement. “I hope truth must be admitted or else we will be forced to divulge it. All YouTubers know this that if you are the owner of the account you should be the registered owner thereof and the monetization payee of the account,” she said. “If the former employee of TAPE or TVJ are the real owners thereof, how come YouTube did not send any check under their names. The check for its monetization was and is always under the name of TAPE, Inc." TAPE showed copies of payment documents for the months of November 2022 and January 2023 coming from Google Ireland Ltd. with address in Mountain View, California, showing that the monetization beneficiary is TAPE. TAPE sent emails and letters to Google, which owns YouTube, requesting resolution over the “Eat Bulaga” account. It also presented the payment documents showing it is the beneficiary. Google granted its request, resulting in TAPE being able to reclaim the YouTube account. The “Eat Bulaga” YouTube channel was registered using an email account created by a TAPE employee for the show who has since left the company.

Abraham-Garduque earlier confirmed that TAPE regained control of the “Eat Bulaga” YouTube account. "Yes I confirm that TAPE, Inc. regained access to its YouTube account. You can now enjoy watching ‘Eat Bulaga’ again via YouTube. This is very important to us dahil gusto rin namin makaabot ang ‘tulong at saya’ even to our online viewers. So sa ating mga Kapuso, please don't forget to like and subscribe!” she said. TAPE has since uploaded eight new videos featuring the new hosts of "Eat Bulaga." As of this writing, the “Eat Bulaga” YouTube channel has 5.3 million subscribers and more than 21,000 videos with 1.5 billion in total views.



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