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Ta-Ho to cut emissions, boost fleet efficiency with NAPA solution

February 1 ------ Taiwanese bulk shipping company Ta-Ho Maritime Corporation is strengthening digitalization efforts by installing NAPA’s performance monitoring, voyage optimization and navigational risk monitoring on eight vessels. With enhanced fleet monitoring and management, NAPA is supporting Ta-Ho in minimizing fuel consumption and emissions.

Under the deal, NAPA, a Finland-based provider of maritime software and data services, is delivering its next-generation NAPA Fleet Intelligence software, providing Ta-Ho with a full-picture understanding of its operations, including fleet-wide intel on vessels’ locations, past voyages, performance, speed, voyage duration, and fuel consumption. The software has been certified by ClassNK’s Innovation Endorsement framework for its function of accurately assessing and optimizing performance.

An initial pilot using NAPA Voyage Optimization over two months has already demonstrated a total fuel-saving potential of 4.0%. In addition to this, trials showed that a further 2.9% fuel saving was possible by improving vessels’ operational profile using recommendations from the platform.

At the same time, using navigational risk monitoring allows teams to gain an overview of high-risk areas and map out voyages in line with this to minimize risk and maximize safety. Furthermore, enhanced data collection and integration allow Ta-Ho’s teams to take a proactive approach to fleet management where, for example, insights on a vessel can help optimize maintenance schedules and manage aging. This operational optimization contributes to enhanced energy efficiency and safety.

Greater intelligence on fleet performance will support decision-making in line with tightening environmental regulations, like the IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) and the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), allowing teams to make better-informed and strategic decisions to minimize their carbon footprint.

“Digital solutions are empowering the industry to proactively comply with environmental regulations while also meeting operational and commercial goals. With NAPA Fleet Intelligence, teams benefit from seamless data integration across systems to act on multiple fronts, from emissions reductions to stability and emergency response, with greater speed and accuracy,” Ni Bo, Director of Sales at NAPA, said.

“By adopting NAPA Fleet Intelligence endorsed by ClassNK, we are investing in a trusted digital solutions partner to navigate shipping’s growing complexities. This partnership with NAPA marks the next frontier on our digitalization and decarbonization journey. By building a fleet-wide operations database, we can reap the rewards of data-driven optimization and stay ahead of the curve in terms of compliance with environmental regulations,” Alan Shieh, President at Ta-Ho, commented.

“ClassNK extends congratulations for the successful deployment and demonstration of NAPA’s solution aboard the Ta-Ho Maritime fleet. This accomplishment is anticipated to contribute not only to Ta-Ho’s operational optimization but also to the broader goal of decarbonization. As a third-party organization, we will continue to provide transparent and reliable certification to encourage the adoption of innovative technologies in the shipping industry,” Junichi Kawakami, Regional Manager at ClassNK Taiwan, added.


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