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South Korea, Japan say North Korea launched ballistic missile

TOKYO, January 15 ------ South Korea and Japan said that North Korea has launched a ballistic missile. In a statement, the South Korean General Staff stated that North Korea launched a ballistic missile toward the Sea of Japan. It said that it was the first ballistic missile fired by North Korea this year. 


An official from the Japanese Defense Ministry further indicated that the missile fell outside the Japanese national exclusive zone. Tokyo announced that possible damage assessment work is underway by the Prime Ministry Crisis Desk in the area where the missile fell. Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio also told the media that he gave instructions to ensure the security of air and sea elements operating in the region and to be prepared for unexpected situations. 


North Korea last tested a short-range ballistic missile on Dec. 17, 2023, and an intercontinental ballistic missile "Hwasong-18" on Dec. 18, 2023.  




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