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Sofia Pablo congratulates Kaori Oinuma after finishing high school

July 13 ------ Kapamilya talent Kaori Oinuma is on cloud nine as she proudly shared that she has graduated from high school.

In a lengthy post via Instagram, the former Pinoy Big Brother housemate looked back to her high school journey and even shared some of her ups and downs. Kaori stated, “That's a wrap!!! after 10 years of finishing my high school!!! sa dami ng nangyari, repeat after repeat after repeat, finally! ^.^ this journey hasn't been easy and I've eagerly awaited for this day, there were moments na people would ask me what year I am in, and i would answer grade 12, and they be like “ha? ilang taon kana?” , “grade 12 ka pa lang?” and idk, somehow, I feel embarrassed, but I chose not to judge them. so yahh, medyo madaming nangyari. long story. “Pero one thing I realized, life is not a race, but embracing your own pace and defining your own success.”

Kaori then expressed her profound gratitude to everyone who supported her, from her teachers to her friends in the showbiz industry. “This wouldn't have been possible without the support of my teachers who were so understanding of my situation. my school, BSNHS, thank you for letting me in and accepting me once again. to my classmates, for being patient with me. “ the actress said. “To my high school friends (MEEFians 2013~) you guys are solid, 'di man ako nakasabay sa inyo noon, but I know you are proud <33 lahat kayo inspirasyon ko ehh (': you keep on reminding me na it's not a race. thank you.

“To my friends in the industry or labas, my managers, my handlers, my rms, thank you for lending a hand when I needed your support! medyo mahaba pa tayo ulit. hahaha your presence made everything so easy. to my supporters, thank you for the love and support! to my family, who were so understanding and patient with my attitude kasi minsan sabay sabay na pagod, plus homeworks, thank you sa pagtulong sakin! “And to you God, You have been my support, and I owe You all the thanks for this achievement.”



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