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Seth, Francine and Raven want to inspire, not stress out, fans with social media posts

September 26 ------ Whether you like it or not, social media has completely become part of our daily existence. But how much truth do we really see on the digital space?

For Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin and Raven Rigor, they would rather share their joys on social media than add stress and anxiety to other people. “All I want to share on my social media accounts are things that promote positivity because there’s already so much negativity surrounding us,” said Francine of her online content. “I want to be part of those who want to make others feel light and to motivate them to do better. Ako, hindi rin naman ako perfect pero hindi ko na lang shi-ne-share sa social media because I believe that (imperfection) is a personal matter. It’s not right to involve other people in it. I want my followers to be inspired with what I post,” she added.

Well-aware of how people can easily make judgments online, Raven only wants people to see the good things that are happening in his life. But he admitted that it’s not always possible. “As much as possible, we only want them to see what’s perfect but there’s always something that people will not like in us and that’s okay. I think everyone who is into social media prefers to show their best foot forward but (in reality) that’s not always the case,” he declared. Seth knows how celebrities can highly influence the minds of the public. That’s why, as an actor who is adored mostly by the young generation, Seth is careful in giving his view on any topic or situation. “As an influencer, you must be conscious of your actions because there are things older people show on social media that are not suitable for children. With me, I only try to show the good side but, of course, I am only human, I have flaws and I commit mistakes and those are the things that I would rather keep from the public, especially the young, because they will get affected once they learn about them.”



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