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The Union’s first medical facility originally started as a small outpatient clinic in the early ‘70s at the Port area.  A few years after, a 50-bed secondary hospital was built to expand services the Union provides to its members. The hospital was named after its founder, Roberto S. Oca Workers’ Clinic (RSOWC). In less than a decade, a 100-bed, Level 3 AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital, the first union-operated hospital in the country came to operate in 1987.

AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital continuously embarks on modernization programs, personnel training as well as researches to provide best services to AMOSUP members and their families. The hospital is also the forefront in the minimally invasive surgery that benefited our patients most especially our member seafarers because of faster healing and recovery.  Currently, the hospital is building a new wing to improve the flow of operations.

Location: Cabildo cor. San Jose Street, Intramuros, Manila Trunklines: (+632) 5278116 to 20, (+632) 5232692 Fax: (+632) 5273554 Email Add: /

Hemodialysis Unit: (+632) 3107642

OB-Gyne Dept.: (+632) 3106641

Pre & Post Medical Section: (+632) 301-0014


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