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SB19’s Felip to hold solo show ahead of Singapore Grand Prix

MANILA, September 14 ------ P-pop sensation Felip, popularly known as Ken of powergroup SB19, is taking his talents overseas as he is set to perform in an event connected with the upcoming F1 Grand Prix in Singapore. The event is part of the lead-up for the annual F1 Grand Prix in Singapore. The main race is scheduled on Sunday, September 17, which is expected to draw thousands of fans. Even Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. will be seeing the action live, according to media reports.

Last year, Felip became the first Filipino artist to be featured in the Grammy digital series “Global Spin” for his “fierce, boundary-pushing” performance of his hit “Bulan.” Felip performed his mythology-inspired track in a number described by the Grammy program as “awe-inspiring.” Felip’s “Global Spin” episode followed a similar feature on another Filipino artist, James Reid, who performed for another Grammy digital series “Press Play At Home.”



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