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Russia restricts access to Georgia amid call-up

September 30 ------ The North Ossetia republic of Russia ordered restrictions on cars arriving from other parts of the country.

The restrictions come as tens of thousands of Russian men of military age seek to flee the country to avoid being sent to fight in Ukraine after President Vladimir Putin's partial mobilization announcement. Sergey Menyaylo, the head of North Ossetia, ordered officials to "restrict the entry of cars" to the small mountainous republic and said the region had been placed on "high alert." Menyaylo said he introduced the ban after 20,000 people crossed the border into Georgia in only two days. "We will not be physically able to ensure order and security if this flow continues to grow," he said on Telegram. Cars registered in North Ossetia are exempt from the ban, he said.

Since Putin announced a partial mobilization on September 21, tens of thousands of draft-age men have tried to leave Russia. His order triggered panic across Russia, with flights out of the country selling out at skyrocketing prices and protests erupting in several cities. Georgia has been a popular destination for men seeking to flee as the country allows Russians to stay without a visa for a year.

There are no direct flights between Russia and Georgia, which means that more people are trying to cross the land border. The Verkhny Lars checkpoint in North Ossetia is the only operational crossing point.


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