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Rocco Nacino earned his master's degree in nursing while doing 'Encantadia'

August 25 ------ Even when his career has already taken off, The Missing Husband actor Rocco Nacino admitted that he still wanted to practice being a nurse. But with scheduling conflicts and tapings, all he could do was take a master's degree, all while filming for the series Encantadia.

In his interview on the Surprise Guest with Pia Arcangel podcast, Rocco mentioned how his initial plan back then was to work as a nurse in the US. He detailed that he was getting ready to leave the country when a friend asked him to audition on StarStruck. He auditioned for the reality talent TV show and won the title of Second Prince in its fifth season and started getting projects and recognition that he was not able to pursue a career in nursing. When asked if he was able to practice nursing, Rocco answered, “I could, pero I would have to let go of acting.” “Kasi talagang buong oras at effort mo, schedule, wala, wala talaga. Although I wanted to volunteer nung wala akong show, hindi talaga, talagang may pumapasok at pumapasok, which is a good problem,” he added.

Rocco mentioned how he really wanted to practice nursing despite being an actor. However, the only thing he could do was study and earn his master's degree. “Siguro four times ko gusto gumive up noon. Si Melissa (Gohing) ang nag-push sa akin na tapusin ko 'yun,” he said. “I was still doing Encantadia nung ginagawa ko 'yung master's ko so during taping, naka-Aquil ako, tapos 'yun, gumagawa ako ng thesis. Sakit sa ulo,” he recalled. He also mentioned that if he decided to retire from acting in the future, with his master's degree in nursing, he would be able to get a good position in a hospital abroad. Rocco also revealed that his wanting to be a doctor stemmed from family members who were in the medical profession as well. “Kaya talagang na-influence ako on being a doctor and having that stethoscope here (around the neck) habang naglalakad. 'Yun ang dream noon,” he said.



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