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R'Bonney Gabriel desires to embrace her Filipino side more

April 20 ------ Miss Universe 2022 R'Bonney Gabriel recently returned to the Philippines, radiating grace as always. This time, she extended her stay in the country to host the upcoming Miss Universe Philippines coronation night on May 22 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. 


In an exclusive interview with Nelson Canlas for "GMA Integrated News Interviews" on 24 Oras, R'Bonney expressed her desire to embrace her Filipino heritage more by staying in the country longer and learning Tagalog. "I have been wanting to live here. For me, there's so much for me to learn. I need to learn Tagalog because growing up as a Filipino-American, I feel like there's almost like an identity I need to learn more about being Filipino," she said. Additionally, the beauty queen shared her love for cooking. She even attempted to create her version of ginataang gulay. "I love to cook. It's so rewarding when you make something, so it is fun. But people are making fun of me [when] I made my own version of ginataang gulay and they say, 'Where's the shrimp?' Then I said, 'I don't feel like peeling the shrimp, it's too much work.' They say where's the kanin?' I say, 'I'm on a diet.' 


R'Bonney's Filipino side often appeared naturally, as she unknowingly displayed some Filipino quirks like picking up things with her foot and pointing to objects with her lips. The beauty icon also revealed that she's currently learning Tagalog words and had picked up some of the language during family reunions while growing up. "I always call my best friends actually pinsan even though we just call ate and kuya, you know. I always hear, 'Ay naku!' I always hear that one." Now that she's staying in the country longer, R'Bonney shared her plans and dreams in the Philippines, such as exploring travel destinations and focusing on her advocacy for sustainable clothing. When asked if she was interested in joining showbiz, R'Bonney answered, "Acting, I'm definitely very interested in. I'm up to the challenge. I recently just watched a movie with Anne Curtis Smith and I thought that was really good. Would love to work with her." She also added, "You know i love action and I just love rom-com. I love rom-com so much." Recently, R'Bonney guested on GMA's variety show TicktoClock, where she reunited with her friend Miss Universe Philippines 2020, Rabiya Mateo.   




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