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Private hospitals back higher PhilHealth coverage

MANILA, Philippines, February 24 ------ The Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Inc. (PHAPI) has given its backing for the proposed 50 percent coverage for Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth) members admitted to private hospitals. “That is a good proposal because it will increase the benefits of members, If it goes up to 50 percent, it will be better,” PHAPI president Dr. Jose de Grano said. 


According to De Grano, PhilHealth has sufficient funds to expand the benefits for members. Aside from a budget allocation from Congress, De Grano noted that PhilHealth also has huge funds from members’ premiums. However, he expressed concern if PhilHealth is unable to pay PHAPI members’ claims when they have already provided benefits to the patients. 


PhilHealth executives have also expressed support for the increase in benefits for its members. Part of its mandate, PhilHealth said, is to increase the benefit packages to make things easier for Filipinos to avail themselves of health care services. 




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