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'Piolo Pascual is epitome of a walking disciplined guy' - JC Santos

MANILA, Philippines, December 20 ------ Actor JC Santos revealed that Piolo Pascual was the reason why he accepted the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry "Mallari." 


In the grand mediacon recently, JC said it was his chance to work closely with Piolo so he accepted the role. JC described Piolo as the "epitome of a walking disciplined guy." “Isa siya sa top three kung bakit ko tinanggap 'yung project. Kasi my first one was the team, the director, Mentorque, and the second is the script, and the third is of course working with our own Piolo Pascual," he said. JC said that working with Piolo was such a privilege for him. "Wala akong masabi and of course working with him, my experience with him, of course I’m from the theater so I know my lines well. But whenever I’m in front of him, I miss a lot of things (laughs)," he said. "He’s a different guy. Lahat ibibigay niya sa ‘yo. He’s so generous and it works so well whatever he does. Kahit anong gawin sa script. And I have so much respect for him as an artist. It’s such a privilege to be working with him,” he added.  


Apart from Piolo, JC said that working with the whole "Mallari" team felt like home. "I want to tell people the standard that they gave us as artists nu'ng time na nag-shu-shoot kami. They gave us everything. They made us feel so comfortable. It’s not just me, even all the staff. All comfortable. And I think sila yung nag-set ng standard. Sinasabi ko ito sa lahat ng mga co-actors na nakatrabaho ko na Mentorque, I found a home with them kasi nga I was treated so well and I know that they’re going to be doing a lot of incredible and great materials in the future," he said. "And for me this is going to be celebrating with them na we have this movie for the Metro Manila Film Festival. Na-su-suwerte ako na lagi akong meron akong ganitong MMFF. With 'Miracle in Cell No.7' and [then] 'Family Matters' last year and now this one. I’m speechless. So whatever is going to happen, I take it as a celebration,” he added.  


Produced by Mentorque Productions, "Mallari" is a partly true-to-life account of a parish priest in the 1800s who killed 57 people before being arrested, the murders antedating those by Jack The Ripper by over 60 years. The film also stars Janella Salvador, Elisse Joson and Gloria Diaz, with the special participation of Mylene Dizon. 




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