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Philippines, Japan strengthen parliamentary relations

MANILA, Philippines, June 21 ------ Filipino and Japanese lawmakers have again renewed their commitment to fostering closer parliamentary relations and cooperation through the strengthening of the Japan-Philippines Parliamentary Friendship League (JPPFL). “May it symbolize our unwavering commitment to enhancing the parliamentary relations and cooperation between the legislative bodies of the Philippines and Japan,” Speaker Martin Romualdez said. 


The Speaker, who led a Philippine delegation of lawmakers in Tokyo, handed over to their Japanese counterparts a copy of the chamber’s Resolution 94, originally House Resolution 1146, that seeks to strengthen the mutual cooperation between the two countries through the JPPFL. “This significant gesture strengthens not only our parliamentary ties but also the general relations between our two great nations. By committing to closer collaboration, we pave the way for greater mutual cooperation in various critical areas that benefit both our countries,” Romualdez said. 


The House delegation was accompanied by Philippine Ambassador to Japan Mylene Garcia Albano. Romualdez said “by working together, we can create more opportunities for trade, investment and technological exchange, driving economic growth and development for both the Philippines and Japan. Such cooperation is vital for achieving our shared goal of prosperity and stability.” 


Included in the House delegation were Majority Leader Manuel Jose Dalipe, Senior Deputy Speaker Aurelio Gonzales Jr., Deputy Speaker David Suarez, appropriations committee chairman Zaldy Co, Navotas Rep. Toby Tiangco, House Secretary General Reginald Velasco, among others. On the Japanese side were JPPFL chairman Moriyama Hiroshi, vice chair Okuno Shinsuke, Director-General Ryu Hirofumi, Secretary General Otsuka Taku, Deputy Secretary-General Aoyama Yamato, and Executive Directors Inoguchi Kuniko, Tajima Kaname, Miyauchi Hideki and Matsukawa Rui. 


In July 2023, the House adopted Resolution 94 formally establishing the JPPFL in the Philippines, citing the long history of friendship between the Philippines and Japan. “The Philippines and Japan have a history of close bilateral relations spanning more than 67 years now. And in those long years, Japan has always been a close ally in almost every facet of international relations, especially in the areas of trade and economy,” Romualdez said. 


The resolution explained that in July 1956, the San Francisco Peace Treaty and the Japan-Philippines Reparations Agreement were enforced, normalizing the diplomatic relations between the two countries. “In 1971, the Philippines-Japan Society was established which positively contributed to the strong bilateral Philippines-Japan relations that now persist at various levels of great importance – business and economics, academic, technical training, cultural and interpersonal exchange,” the resolution read. “On November 1987, the House adopted House Resolution 14, entitled ‘Resolution Organizing the Philippines-Japan Parliamentarians’ Friendship Society,’ strengthening the inter-parliamentary dialogue and enhancing beneficial ties between the House of both the Republic of the Philippines and Japan,” it added. 


Romualdez, in handing over a copy of the resolution to Japanese officials and members of the JPPFL, said he looks forward to enhanced cooperation between Japan and the Philippines, especially in the area of defense and security. “Our enhanced parliamentary relations foster closer collaboration in addressing regional security challenges and promoting peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. Joint initiatives and information sharing in defense and security matters will strengthen our collective capabilities and contribute to a safer environment for our peoples,” he said. 




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