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Philippines climbs 17 spots in world softball rankings

MANILA, Philippines, January 7 ------ The Philippines ended 2023 within the top 15 countries in the Women's Softball World Rankings, according to the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC). According to the WBSC rankings dated December 31, 2023, the Philippines is ranked 14th in the world for women's softball. The country had 868 points, which placed them just behind Great Britain, which had 936 points. 


According to the WBSC, the Philippines was the top overall climber for this year. "The Philippines have been the most improved nation, climbing 17 positions from No. 31 at the behinning of the year to No. 14 at the end," the confederation said in a statement posted on its website. At year-end, the United States is on top after garnering 4,301 points. 


This is the third straight year that the US finished No. 1 in the rankings. Japan came in second with 2,899 points, while Puerto Rico had 2,875 points for third place. Chinese Taipei (2,573 points), Canada (1,885 points), Italy (1,816 points), Mexico (1,717 points), the Netherlands (1,602 points), Czech Republic (1,483 points) and Australia (1,379 points) complete the world's top 10 women's softball nations. Meanwhile, the Philippine men's baseball team placed 28th in the world according to the year-end rankings by the WBSC. 


The women's baseball team of the country, on the other hand, finished 13th for 2023. The men's softball team also finished 14th for the past year. According to the Amateur Softball Association of the Philippines, four Philippine teams qualified for the world cup - the Blu Girls, the Blu Boys, the Under 15 women's team and the Philippine Co-Ed Slow Pitch Team.  




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