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Philippine Coast Guard Rescues Crew from Ship After Cargo Shifts in Storm

January 17 ------ The crew of a small general cargo ship operating in the Philippines was rescued after their ship began listing in a storm in the southern Philippines in the Sulu Sea. The crew was rescued and brought to shore. According to the media reports, the Star Sabang (500 dwt) began listing after encountering heavy waves and winds on the west side of the island south of the city of Mindanao. The vessel which is 321 feet (98 meters) in length was off Bayangan Island when according to the captain they were hit by huge waves and strong wind.

The Coast Guard reports the vessel was carrying 170 tons of cement from Cebu to Zamboanga. The cargo shifted in the high seas causing the ship to assume a precarious list and begin to sink. The captain called the Coast Guard for assistance. The 13 crewmembers were rescued and taken to the island while they were continuing to monitor the vessel. The owner of the vessel was reported to be attempting to tow the Star Sabang with another one of its ships. Media reports said the tow was underway but a video posted online shows the vessel rolling onto its side.


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