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Paulo, Kylie and the highs and lows of love and life

April 11 ------ Paulo Avelino and Kylie Verzosa may have starred in the 2018 movie "Kasal," but working together on the upcoming film "Elevator" felt like a first-time experience for them all over again. 


"During 'Kasal,' Paulo was like my acting coach because I was a newcomer then. So this time — [when I'm armed with more experience] — felt like the first because I got to really 'act' alongside him," explained the beauty queen-turned-actress at the movie's media conference. "I've waited so long for a reunion project, and I'm glad we get to do it with great material in 'Elevator," Verzosa added.Avelino agreed, "It felt like the first time because in 'Kasal,' she would always share scenes with Derek [Ramsay], but here in 'Elevator,' we did almost all the scenes together." 


Since their 2018 starrer, Verzosa and Avelino have carved deeper names in the industry and even reaped prominent acting awards along the way. Avelino earned Best Actor accolades from prestigious organizations, including the 35th Gawad Urian Awards ("Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa") and the 46th Metro Manila Film Festival ("Fan Girl"). Verzosa, on the other hand, was hailed Best Actress at the 2022 Distinctive International Arab Festivals Awards ("The Housemaid"). Despite the five-year gap between their two projects, Avelino and Verzosa said it didn't take much time for them to get back in the zone, embody their characters and develop the chemistry the 'Elevator' demanded. "It didn't feel awkward [to be back on the set with Kylie] because before shooting the film, we had several script readings and workshops," Avelino volunteered. "I'd like to add that we felt comfortable because we became friends [after we did 'Kasal,' which] makes our job easier," Verzosa echoed.   




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