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Pauleen Luna grateful for ‘8 peaceful years of marriage’ to Vic Sotto

February 1 ------ Pauleen Luna has nothing but gratitude as she and actor-TV host Vic Sotto celebrated the eighth year of their “peaceful marriage” with their firstborn Tali and newborn daughter Thia.

The celebrity mom marked their wedding anniversary by showing one-week-old Thia via her Instagram page on Tuesday, Jan. 30, saying the newborn is her “gift” to Sotto. “Thank you Lord for all the blessings and milestones we’ve been hitting these past few days. Thank you for [eight] peaceful years of marriage,” she said in the caption. “I owe everything to You, Father.”

Luna and her family had a “simple but very meaningful celebration” at the comfort of their home, as they prepared roasted chicken and shabu-shabu for their lunch and dinner. Meanwhile, Luna also penned an appreciation message for her eldest daughter for taking good care of her. “You are heaven-sent, anak! I will always be grateful you are my firstborn,” Luna addressed Tali.



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