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PAL to comply with Level 6 fuel surcharge for October

MANILA, September 28 ------ Flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) said it will comply with the Level 6 fuel surcharge that aviation authorities will implement in October. "We will comply with this latest fuel surcharge level that applies to tickets to be purchased in October," PAL spokesperson Cielo Villaluna said. Other local carriers did not respond when sought for comment.

The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) has been implementing Level 6 fuel surcharge since September, two notches up from the Level 4 fuel surcharge from June to August. Under Level 6, the fuel surcharge for domestic flights may range from PHP185 to PHP665 for domestic flights, and PHP610.37 to PHP4,538.40 for international flights, depending on the distance. On the other hand, under Level 4, the fuel surcharge rates ranged from PHP117 to PHP342 for domestic flights, and PHP385.70 to PHP2,867.82 for international flights.

In an advisory, the CAB said it retained the Level 6 fuel surcharge "in light of the perceived increase in average fares, vis a vis increase in operational cost." Airlines that want to impose or collect fuel surcharge for October 1 to 31 must file their application with the office of the CAB executive director on or before the effective period. Earlier in a Facebook post, CAB Legal Division chief Wyrlou Samodio said a rise in fuel surcharge does not automatically mean air fares would also increase, as this would depend on the airlines.

Samodio said if airline companies would raise the air fare, the rate should not go beyond the matrix allowed by the CAB. "That's the essence of fuel surcharge. It balances the welfare of both the airlines and the passengers in times when prices of things essential to flight operations increase," he said in Filipino.



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