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Obiena's accuser says sorry over doping claim

October 30 ------ Anais Lavillenie, wife of a former world record holder in men’s pole vaulting, has apologized to EJ Obiena for her disparaging online remarks regarding the Filipino pole vaulter's successes. Lavillenie previously claimed through a comment on Vaulter’s Magazine’s Facebook page that Obiena’s rise was a result of doping. "Obeina [sic] doped and it'll fall like Braz. Same coach, Same plan, same objective!" the comment read.

Lavillenie, wife of former world record-holder and 2012 Olympics gold medalist Renaud Lavillenie of France, made a public apology a couple of weeks later after being threatened with legal action. “I would like to offer publicly my sincere apologies for writing untruthful words on Vaulter Magazine’s Facebook post about you and your coach Vitaly Petrov,” she said in a letter shared publicly by Obiena.

Lavillenie said she made a “stupid” decision by posting such remark. “That’s why I deleted the comment after the fact but the damage was done. I am sincerely sorry,” she said. “I am aware that I have disrespected you and your coach and I deeply regret my act.” she added. Obiena said he now considers the issue a "closed matter."

The world's No. 2 pole vaulter and newly crowned Asian Games champion said he is moving forward to his Paris Olympics campaign. "I want to thank everyone who stood behind me and supported me. In particular Coach , Mr. @jamesmichaellafferty , Mr. Capistrano, Senator @senatorbonggo , The President of the POC, Bambol Tolentino and my lawyers GANA Atienza Avisado Law," he said. "I would also like to deeply thank all the netizens who supported me, Maraming salamat po."

He also urged netizens to refrain from harassing Lavillenie and her husband over the issue. "I also ask everyone to cease any further messaging to Anais Lavillenie and @airlavillenie (Renaud Lavillenie). Let us all be the bigger person and move forward from this," he said. "



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