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Obiena careful not to be distracted by possible legal battle ahead of Olympic year

October 21 ------ MINDFUL of its every move, EJ Obiena's camp admitted it's taking its time to decide whether to file legal charges against Anais Lavillenie.

Earlier in the week, the wife of 2012 London Olympics champion Renaud Lavillenie accused the Pinoy vaulter of doping, claiming Obiena uses banned substances. "We are still in discussions with attorneys in both France and the Philippines. There is no conclusion or decision at this point. But, we're keeping that option open and evaluating the pros and cons of it." Obiena's adviser Jim Lafferty told the media on Thursday.

The team also shared the EyeDetect Test taken by Obiena that resulted in 'Credible' scores, justifying the truthfulness of his claim. "I am not a cheater, and I didn't do anything to enhance my performance... The accusations made were baseless. It just didn't affect me but also my coach and my team. It damaged the reputation that I carefully built the past few years," Obiena said.

Lafferty also reiterated that the team has yet to finish the discussions over the factors to consider before filing a legal case. "We'd like to remember, this is an Olympic year, and there are many considerations that are involved in the legal route. It's still under evaluation," he added.


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