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Nora Aunor's classic film 'Bona' to screen in France, US

MANILA, May 16 ------ Filipino classic film "Bona" starring screen veteran Nora Aunor will be shown in France and in the United States later this year.  


An exclusive Variety article uploaded on Tuesday confirmed that 4K restored version of "Bona" would return to Cannes under the Classics section this week. It will be released in France on September 25 through Carlotta Films, which handles its world sales. "A U.S. and Canada outing through Kani Releasing will follow in the fourth quarter," the report added. "The new restoration is gorgeous and, because of the available material, one of the best restorations of a Southeast Asian film," said Pearl Chan of Kani Releasing.  


Carlotta Films and Kani Releasing acquired the rights to the film from Aunor in 2023. In the article, it said that the original negatives of “Bona” had been deposited at the LTC Lab in Paris (now Cité de Mémoire) and that the 4K restoration was carried out at Cité de Mémoire laboratory (Paris) from the original 35 mm image and sound negatives preserved by LTC Patrimoine. Sound restoration was handled by L.E. Diapason. The new poster for "Bona" was designed by Midnight Marauder, a company known for its visuals for "Plan 75", "The Worst Person in the World", and Netflix’s "I’m Thinking of Ending Things."  


Released in 1980, "Bona" was directed by Lino Brocka, a Philippine National Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts. Aside from Aunor, the film also stars screen veteran Phillip Salvador.    




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