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Nico Bolzico shares 10 important life lessons as he turns 40

October 5 ------ Nico Bolzico reached the milestone of turning 40, and he shared some wise insights that he learned through the years.

Instead of the usual advice of living a balanced life, eating well, and working out, Nico told his followers that it is important to take care of relationships and prioritize happiness. Listing down 10 lessons, he wrote, "Who you marry will play a fundamental role on who you become and what you achieve." He added, "You will never regret spending time with your kids and family." Nico added that a person only needs a few good friends, and that "Time is the real currency in life." On happiness, Nico said, "Doing something nice for [someone] everyday will make you very happy." "Being able to enjoy the little daily moments is a form of happiness," he added.

The internet star and businessman also said that spending too much time using your phone will make you unhappy, and stressed the importance of spending time in nature to give clarity. Nico added, "You can control how much external events affect you." Finally, he said, "Life goes fast, laugh a lot and don't take anything [too] seriously." Before ending his post, Nico said, "The punch line? I am 40!" He then thanked his followers for the love and greetings. Nico truly has a way with words, also seen in this Instagram post of his daughter Thylane, about pushing forward despite feeling like giving up.



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