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Mother's Day 2023: Dimples Romana shares parenting style

MANILA, Philippines, May 7 ------ Dimples Romana continues to show who is the girl boss in the nightly action-packed show "The Iron Heart." Her Selene character is not far from the real world as the actress is definitely a woman who wears many hats, on- and off-camera.

On camera, she's Selene, the tough boss of a criminal group. It's tough for the mother of three because she is filming the series in Cebu City where the show is set, while rearing for her third child, Elio, who turns one next month. When motherhood and career can be daunting, the actress does not see it that way. On her Instagram, fans can see her uploading clips of her bonding with Elio, who has started walking, her second son and her eight-year-old Alonzo. Her eldest, Callie, might be building her career as a pilot in Australia, but the 19-year-old remains to be her mother's grown-up baby.

Her daughter is quite an achiever, who passed her Private Pilots License exams last year in Australia. Callie is her mother's daughter, for sure, as Dimples, herself has not stopped learning at 38.

The actress enrolled in online classes in a US school at the height of the pandemic. "I don't want to stop learning," she explained. "I want everything I say to have basis. I want to have an educated answer every time someone asks me anything."

Dimples turned night into day by catching up on sleep, while her multi-racial classmates on the other side of the world took their lunch break (classes were 9 p.m. to 4 a.m., Manila time). She likened her routine to that of her father and grandma, former government employees who napped during their lunch breaks. "I learned so much! It's nice to get different mindsets from those who are not living in the Philippines. It opens more horizons and opportunities."

By studying again, Dimples hopes she will make her children, Callie and Alonzo, proud of the fact that Mommy is still learning, even in her late 30s. She wants to show them that money is not the only denomination in the world. Time is, as well. "I'm taking marketing classes because I don't want to speak without factual basis."

This mom can also speak with authority when it comes to raising children. Dimples told the press she enforces good old Catholic discipline at home, where she and husband Boyet encourage Callie and Alonzo to express themselves with respect. "It's their responsibility to be kinder. They treat our angels (house help) the same way they treat us. And they have to be their own competition. I don't allow jealousy nor envy at home. I don't want my kids to live with envy," she revealed.



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