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Maxene Magalona embraces peacefulness through meditation

MANILA, Philippines, October 5 ------ Host-actress Maxene Magalona has found meditation to be a key aspect to becoming more in tune with herself, and advises everyone else to do the same.

Maxene was a stunning revelation at the 2023 ABS-CBN Ball last September 30 wearing a white dress by Thian Rodriguez, but the aura she gave off went beneath the outfit. "It's the meditation, it's also the healing and acceptance of my pain," Maxene told "It's being connected with my emotions, kasi when you're not or don't feel them, you will look stressed or haggard."

The actress suggests everyone should feel their feelings — cry when one needs to cry, celebrate when one needs to celebrate — to become more balanced and in tune. The practice clearly made an impact on Maxene as she didn't bring any makeup to the ball in case she needed to re-touch her look, joking with members of the media that she could just meditate to refreshen her aura. Having such a peaceful nature has not changed Maxene's mind on accepting villain roles like she did on last year's "Viral Scandal." "Even if I'm peaceful in real life, it doesn't mean that I can't portray villain roles. I believe the villains serve a great purpose in the story. I believe playing the villain shows us we all have our inner demons, we just need to learn how to deal with them. Kaya I love doing villain roles kasi nagagawa ko ang di ko magawa sa totoong buhay," Maxene said.



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