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Matteo Guidicelli’s Christmas wish is to have a baby with wife Sarah G

MANILA, Philippines, December 5 ------ Matteo Guidicelli’s Christmas wish is to have a baby with wife Sarah Geronimo. “I guess for 2024 and in the future sana mag-baby na kami. In God’s time,” stated the actor in a presscon for his upcoming 2023 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) movie-starrer Penduko. 


Matteo plays the titular role of Pedro Penduko, a character in the classic 1954 comic book of National Artist Francisco V. Coching. He expressed that he is “ready” to be a father regardless of the gender of the baby. Building a family in the future is something that he and Sarah have been discussing about. He shared, “At the end of the day my priority is my wife and family so I think that’s part of the plan. But again you can’t plan too hard because it’s God that uses this blessing. So we just hope for the best and do what we have to do.” “Whatever comes, whatever happens, happens. Let’s just pray for that,” he added. If given the opportunity to have a possible movie together with Sarah, Matteo is open to it. The last time that they worked with each other was in 2011 for Catch Me, I’m in Love where the former was paired with Gerald Anderson in the film. “Hindi pa (kami nun). Crush ko pa siya (at that time),” recalled the Kapuso thespian. “I hope (for a possible collaboration). I don’t know (yet). It depends on boss Vic (del Rosario) and of course kay Sarah and the whole team,” continued Matteo. “Sarah is very, very particular with the projects that she does and what she likes doing because then again she believes in representing Filipino content (and) art. That’s why she is very particular, especially with her music. It’s all OPM (Original Pilipino Music).  It’s all original from Filipino artists. She really wants to push that. So if we find something interesting, we’ll see.” 


Likewise, Matteo is “very thankful” for all the blessings that he has received this year. Aside from Penduko, he is also part of the GMA drama action series Black Rider and host in the morning show Unang Hirit. He and Sarah have also launched some business ventures together. “You know, sometimes in life when you plan so hard and you want to do this and sometimes hindi dumating. Bakit kailangan ganito? But when it comes, it comes,” he mused. “And I guess in life, the universe, you will always have to be ready physically, mentally (and) spiritually. You have to keep ready all the time because you’ll never know when it comes. You’ll never know when the blessing comes.” “And when it comes, if you say no to something or you say delay maybe it won’t come. So, I believe in life, training is every day. You always have to be ready. You have to be physically trained. You have to strengthen your faith. You have to be a good person. Because when an opportunity comes, you get it and you do your best.” Matteo noted the good things that happened to him in 2023, along with the challenges that came with them. Just the same, he is “ending this year beautifully” with his first MMFF experience in Penduko. The movie is produced by Epik Studios, Cignal TV and Sari Sari Network, Inc., and Viva Films, and helmed by Jason Paul Laxamana. The cast members also include Albert Martinez, John Arcilla, Kylie Verzosa, Annika Co, Mark Anthony Fernandez, Candy Pangilinan, Arron Villaflor, Andrea del Rosario, and many more. The film revolves around Pedro, a young man with mythical and supernatural powers who becomes an albularyo agent. Later on, he uses his skills to help the ones in need and fight all evil. 




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