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Martin Nievera says ASAP Milan aims to make Filipinos feel at home

MANILA, August 31 ------ Concert king Martin Nievera wants to “bring a piece of home” to Filipinos in Europe.

The multi-award winning artist is part of ASAP Milan’s star-studded roster slated to perform on September 10 at the Mediolanum Forum in Italy. “That is what TFC has been doing. We bring the Philippines to you. The world class entertainment as we see it, sa lahat ng Kapamilya,” he said.

On Wednesday, Nievera started rehearsing for the highly anticipated show, along with other Kapamilya acts, such as AC Bonifacio, Darren Espanto, and Donny Pangilinan. Filipinos in Europe can expect that the music royalty’s performance for ASAP Milan will be “fit for a king” and tailored uniquely for them. “There should never be the same performance. I can sing the same song 'Be My Lady,' [yung] theme song ko, yan hinahanap. How I deliver the song is never the same,” he explained. “The audience is always different. Iniisip ko palagi, I represent the Philippines so my performance has to be that.”

Nievera shared he aims to convey three things to the audience of ASAP Milan. “In every show we have done abroad, I feel our role is to, number one, get them home sick; number two, to be proud Filipinos; and number three, to be proud Filipinos in a foreign land, which now they call home,” he explained.

According to the singer, it is important for the Filipinos abroad to feel the country’s appreciation for the sacrifices they had to make. “They gave up a lot to look for greener pastures. And now, they are the pride of the country. They show the world how great, hardworking and dedicated and honest Filipinos can be,” he said.

“In all our trips as Kapamilya, I am looking forward the most is the new faces. I want to know their stories, how they are doing, and I want to tell them once and for all we here in the we are so grateful and so proud of them,” he added.

Nievera assures ASAP show in Italy will end with the audience understanding through their experience, “true meaning of being a Kapamilya.” “We want them to feel that they are one of us— not they are watching a show. Fans kayo, sikat kami. When we do our shows we reach to audience and let them believe we are one big family,” the artist said.



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