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Marjorie Barretto praises daughter Julia's acting in 'Will You Be My Ex'

MANILA, June 23 ------ Marjorie Barretto is all praises for her daughter Julia, who is the lead star in the romantic-comedy movie “Will You Be My Ex” along with Diego Loyzaga.

On Instagram, Marjorie admitted that at first she did not know what to expect from Julia in the film, only to see her daughter "amazing, raw, and natural" in her role. "From the beginning, I started to forget I was watching my daughter," she said. "Believe me when I say that I am Julia's worst critic. Her anxiety from premiere nights is coming from what my feedback would be. But you made me cry with this one, Jul. Big time," she added.

Marjorie also noted her daughter’s undeniable onscreen chemistry with Loyzaga, saying it was "a pleasant surprise for all of us watching." She also lauded Loyzaga’s acting: "Galing mo, Diego." Towards the end of her post, Marjorie teased that “Will You Be My Ex” is not like any other romantic-comedy movie. “You would think from the title that this is just a light romcom… but boy will you be surprised! You will leave the theater with a new and fresh perspective about break ups, letting go, and moving forward… with grace," said, adding that "everyone can relate" to the "must-watch" film.



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