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‘Mallari’ producer says FAMAS nominations open door to showcase Filipino culture

May 19 ------ After receiving 14 out of 18 nominations in the 72nd FAMAS Awards, “Mallari” producer Bryan Dy said that the film’s continuous traction has “a positive impact on the overall status of Philippine cinema.” “We are still overwhelmed. It motivates us more,” Dy told upon learning the news that they bagged the most nominations in this year’s FAMAS. 


The film producer asserted that the recognition that “Mallari” is receiving opens up opportunities to further highlight the Filipino culture. “Mallari’s gaining traction in the movie industry could potentially have a positive impact on the overall status of Philippine cinema. Mallari is a showcase of Filipino talent, from actors to the crew. It can also open up opportunities for more diverse stories to be told and highlight the cultural richness of the Philippines,” he said. 


Following its debut at the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2023, “Mallari” received immediate critical and audience acclaim for its production, as it is the first-ever Filipino movie to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It also took home some awards during the MMFF 2023 awards night. 


Last May 7, FAMAS unveiled its list of nominees, with “Mallari” asserting dominance on the line-up, bagging: Best Actor (Piolo Pascual), Best Picture (Mentorque Productions/Clever Minds), Best Director (Derick Cabrido), Best Screenplay (Enrico C. Santos), Best Cinematography (Pao Orendain), Best Child Actor (Kian Co), and Best Supporting Actress (Gloria Diaz). Included in the list as well are: Best Supporting Actor (JC Santos), Best Editing (Noah Tonga), Best Sound (Immanuel Verona and Nerikka Salim), Best Production Design (Marielle Hizon), Best Visual Effects (Gaspar Mangarin), Best Theme Song (“Pag-ibig na Sumpa” by JK Labajo), and Best Musical Score (Von De Guzman). 


After its premiere at the inaugural Manila International Film Festival in Hollywood earlier this year, Pascual’s performance earned him the Best Actor award at the awards night. He also scored another recent victory as he took home the Best Actor nod at the 2024 Box Office Entertainment Awards. Inspired by horrifying true events, “Mallari” narrates the haunting tale of Fr. Severino Mallari, a 19th-century priest whose descent into madness unfolded during the Spanish occupation. The film delves into Fr. Mallari’s life and work as a parish priest in Pampanga, where he tragically succumbed to darkness, reportedly committing murders to aid his ailing mother. 




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