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Make 2024 Your Greatest Year Ever

Well, I want to start by saying Happy New Year! Welcome to the year 2024! I believe this year holds great promise and great possibilities. However, if this is going to be the greatest year of your life, you must also understand that you are going to play a major role in your success. So many people come into a new year with lots of excitement and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, after a few weeks the excitement leaves, the passion dies and the momentum becomes stifled. It takes more than excitement to change your life. Ultimately, it takes strategy and execution to transform your life. I hope these insights will empower you to start 2024 off right and make this your greatest year ever!

1. Leave 2023 in the past.

Before you jump into the new year, I want you to make sure that you are leaving 2023 behind. The only things that you should bring with you from 2023 are the lessons you have learned, the principles you have gained, and the paradigms that have shaped and transformed your life. Most people think that because the calendar changes their lives are going to magically change. In all honesty, most people are the same person that they were a year ago. In other words, they have not grown, developed, or evolved in any way. So they make resolutions, write affirmations, and try to think positively. Sadly, they entered a new year as an old version of themselves. If you want 2024 to be different for you, then leave the past behind you and dare to embrace something new for your life.

2. You need clarity so that you can set clear intentions.

While many people rush to make resolutions, I always discourage people from making resolutions. Instead, I challenge you to take time to get crystal clear about what you want. One of the first things I do months ahead of a new year is set clear intentions for my life. What do I mean by setting clear intentions? This requires you to take the time to sit, get quiet, think, and begin to write out what you really want in your life. Often our lives are too loud and noisy to focus on what we really want. Therefore, aspiration begins to swallow up our true desires. This year I want you to spend some quality time setting clear intentions for 2024. What do you want this year to look like? What do you want to accomplish? How will the end of 2024 look for you? What will it take to get there? When you operate with clear intentions you attract success and prosperity into your world.

3. You need to develop your tactic for success.

To truly start the year off right, it requires more than hope, ambition, passion, or even good intentions. In order to start the year off right, you need to develop tactics for your life. A lot of people confuse strategies and tactics. Strategy is a detailed plan of how you plan to accomplish a vision, goal, or objective. On the other hand, a tactic is how-tos that make your plan work. In other words, tactics are the action steps that empower you to accomplish your goals and realize your dreams. It’s great to have strategies and that is very important. Furthermore, you must have tactics or your dreams will never manifest. Most people will go through 2024 frustrated and feel like they are not moving forward with their lives. Why is that? They have a dream in their heart and a goal in their head but no tactics for manifestation. For every goal you set this year, take the time to develop your tactic and accelerate your success.

4. You need to make a fresh commitment.

Honestly, a new calendar will not change the seasons of your life. Resolutions do not change your life. Positive thoughts and the best of intentions will not change your life. What I can tell you from experience is that commitments change the course of our lives. Therefore, if you want to make 2024 the greatest year of your life you must make a fresh commitment. Can I be honest with you? The commitment that you made in 2023 will not be enough to carry you through in 2024. Why do I say that? This year will bring its own unique set of challenges, obstacles, and pressures. The level of your commitment will determine the level of your victory or defeat.

Halfhearted commitment will produce a mediocre life. A wholehearted commitment will produce an extraordinary life. Every major life change or transition that happens in your life this year will be the product of commitment. What do you need to commit to? What will be the cost if you do not commit? Commitment will separate those who maintain the status quo from those who thrive.


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