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Lovi Poe says husband Monty Blencowe gives her freedom to pursue showbiz

April 16 ------ Actress-producer Lovi Poe has been blessed with a husband who truly understands her ambitions. Monty Blencowe has given her complete freedom to pursue her showbiz career without any restrictions. With such unwavering support, Lovi is bound to reach greater heights in her career.


During a recent media conference held at the Valencia Events venue in Quezon City, Lovi said that Monty refrains from taking part in Lovi's projects, even when they require intimate scenes. "It's not like I asked for permission, alam naman niya [Monty] yung line of work ko, and there's no need for approval, and he respects my job, and he's very excited about my upcoming projects," Lovi said. Although her husband works as a scientist/producer, the actress mentioned that she still gets excited every time something new happens in their workplace. "Yes, we still discuss about projects, kasi we share the same interest. He loves hearing what I do, and ako rin gustong-gusto ko naririning yung sa kanya while he's at work," Lovi said. "He's also part of the industry, but he is also a scientist. Magkaiba talaga yung work namin, but when I hear about his work stuff, naeexcite ako, and the same thing goes with him."


Working in Hollywood


Becoming part of the Hollywood film "Bad Man" and becoming a producer, it is still a work in progress for Lovi, on how she can balance between the two. "Mahirap, pero kung gugustuhin magagawan naman ng paraan. I'm just very happy that I have a supportive husband, who pushes me to do what I love, and who's excited for me," she said. "It's a lot of work parang hirap bigla mag switch on and off, but then that's just part of the job and I enjoy it so much. So, I'm not complaining, and I won't have it any other way."


Guilty Pleasure

Lovi is back in Manila to shoot a movie for Regal Films entitled "Guilty Pleasure." The project will reunite her with director Connie Macatuno, who previously directed her in the movie "Malaya" in 2020. "I'm always happy filming for Regal. Ever since, right from the beginning, talagang they've always believed in me, nakailang projects na ako. And I'm always happy with them," Lovi said. The film explores the complex relationships and personal struggles of three ambitious lawyers as they navigate their way through love, betrayal, intrigue, vulnerability, and revenge. It would also shed light on important issues of accountability and consent. Also joining Lovi on the film are Kapamilya actors Jameson Blake and JM De Guzman. "Guilty Pleasure" is produced by Regal Entertainment, with Roselle Monteverde and Mother Lily Monteverde as executive producers. Considered one of the pet projects of Roselle Monteverde, "Guilty Pleasure" is the highly anticipated follow-up of Lovi for Regal Entertainment. 




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