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'Love knows no boundaries' in Janella and Win’s movie ‘Under Parallel Skies’

MANILA, September 8 ------ Filmmaker Sigrid Bernardo has nothing but praise for Janella Salvador and Win Metawin, who star in her upcoming movie “Under Parallel Skies.”

“Working with two actors from different countries was a truly enriching experience. It allowed cultural exchange and brought a unique flavor to the film. Win and Janella brought their own perspectives, acting styles, and nuances to their characters, which added depth and authenticity to the story. It was interesting to witness the blending of their talents and see how they complemented each other on screen,” she told ABS-CBN News. Bernardo remarked that shooting in different countries presents fresh challenges and prospects. However, what distinguishes this film is its exploration of the cultural and scenic disparities among Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Thailand. This not only highlights the similarities and distinctions among these three places but also infuses the narrative with greater depth and authenticity.

Asked about the inspiration behind her script, Bernardo said: “It could be drawn from personal experiences, real love stories, and the complexities of human relationships. Hong Kong is another character in the story. I am inspired by it’s bustling streets and the other places in Hong Kong which are serene and haven’t been discovered yet." Ultimately, she wants to audience to know that love knows no boundaries when they watch “Under Parallel Skies.” “Love knows no boundaries, whether they are cultural, geographical, or social. The film explores the power of love to transcend these barriers and bring people together. It delves into the complexities of relationships, the sacrifices we make for love, and the importance of cherishing the moments we have with the ones we love.”

The movie follows the story of a man struggling from a painful past. As he tries to move forward, he later discovers that the woman currently in his life is connected to that past.



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