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Liza Soberano proud of Enrique Gil's showbiz comeback

MANILA, Philippines, September 7 ------ Actress Liza Soberano admitted that she and boyfriend Enrique Gil seldom spend time with each other.

In her interview with "TV Patrol," Liza said they are both separately traveling constantly, but they still do see each other. “Yes, every once in a while [we’ll see each other]. I think occasionally, mostly, because we’re both like constantly flying. Like, I’ve been in the States for a while, then, I came back. And then, he’s been flying," she said. "So, yeah, it’s very seldom now, but we do, we still do [see each other],” she added. Liza said that she's proud of Enrique's showbiz comeback through the comedy movie “I Am Not Big Bird,” which he also produced. “I’m really happy to see him, like, kind of flourishing. The project he’s working on right now is something he’s producing himself. So, I’m really proud of him for that, and very supportive,” she said.

Earlier this year, rumors of Liza and Enrique breaking up surfaced on different social media. Enrique, however, denied it last July. “We are good, we are good,” he said. “I am busy with all my projects. She is busy with all her projects naman. She is focusing on international work, which is super good for her. Kahit super busy kami, we still support each other no matter what,” he added.



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