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Let’s volt in: ‘Voltes V: Legacy’ feted at Japanese filmfest 2024

MANILA, Philippines, February 6 ------ Let’s volt in! For their contribution to the promotion of Japanese pop culture in the Philippines and the deepening of mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and the Philippines, Larry Chan of Telesuccess Productions and the GMA Network Inc. were recently feted at the Japanese Film Festival 2024 opening ceremony at the Shangri-La Plaza Atrium. “Voltes V: Legacy” series director Mark Reyes also announced that the cinematic version will be aired in Japan. 


On behalf of Japanese Ambassador Kazuhiko Koshikawa, Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister Matsuda Kenichi cited Chan’s legacy in bringing titles such as “Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V,” “Slam Dunk,” “YuYu Hakusho,” and “Boys Over Flowers,” to the Philippines and GMA Network’s epic live-action adaptation, “Voltes V: Legacy.” Chan obtained the rights to the Japanese animé “Voltes V” from Toei Company, Ltd. in 1978, which led to its airing on Philippine TV stations. “It was a dream come true for many long-time fans of the 1970s Japanese animé. It also captured the hearts of the younger generation. In the face of global challenges, the GMA Network delivered a spectacle for all Filipinos to enjoy,” remarked Matsuda on the Filipino-made “Voltes V: Legacy” series. Matsuda expressed his appreciation to the “Japanese pop culture trailblazers in the Philippines” for “laying the foundation for Japanese pop culture to become the gateway to a rich tapestry of Japanese traditions for countless Filipinos.” “This pioneering work stands as a legacy chapter in the history of cultural exchange between Japan and the Philippines,” he added. 


Also present at the event were GMA’s vice president for drama Cheryl Ching-Sy, Shang Properties, Inc. executive vice president Jovita Polloso, GMA’s senior vice president for entertainment Lilybeth Rasonable, and Japan Foundation Manila director Ben Suzuki. “This recognition holds profound significance for all of us at GMA Network. As it underscores the enduring legacy and cultural impact of this beloved series. Our journey in creating ‘Voltes V: Legacy’ was fueled by sheer passion, dedication and a commitment to delivering quality entertainment for all audiences. We aimed to capture the essence of the original series while adding our own creative touch,” said Ching-Sy. “And it was truly heartwarming to see our efforts resonate not only with the local audience but with audiences worldwide. This award serves as a powerful reminder of the enduring bond between our nations and the impact of cultural exchange through the language of art and storytelling,” she furthered. Ching-Sy vowed that the Kapuso network will continue their “dedication to storytelling that resonates across borders” and thanked the people behind the series and the audience as well. “This award is our collective achievement and it is shared with all those who played a part in making this project truly a legacy.” 


Reyes, for his part, said it was “very surprising for us to be included in a Japanese film festival for a Filipino-made film but based on something that both the Japanese and Filipinos love.” “So it was very touching the first time I heard of it… so I said, ‘Wow that’s really something that we all should be proud of.’ It goes to prove that until now, we are being appreciated by beyond the Filipinos, particularly by the Japanese.” “(I’m) very excited to see the cinematic version, the cinematic experience, to be aired in Japan in Japanese. So that is being worked also (and) that’s very exciting. Very different,” the director shared. “They are working on it. It is not a possibility, it is a reality,” he declared. Matt Lozano (as Big Bert) in the series was thrilled to be part of the Japanese film festival for the first time. “Tapos kasama pa nga ang ‘Voltes V: Legacy’ cinematic experience. Sobrang nakakataba ng puso kasi iba yung pagtanggap sa akin kanina ng Japanese people yung nandito. I am proud to be part of an iconic show both in Japan and the Philippines.” Radson Flores, who portrayed Mark Gordon, said that he is also excited for Filipinos to watch the “Voltes V” cinematic experience. “It not only brings the culture of the Filipinos (but also) strengthens the already strong ties of Japan and it makes us very honored to play it.” On the other hand, Chan stated that he is “profoundly honored” to be receiving the award. “‘Voltes V’ was a very excellent animation with a powerful and unique storyline that embarks and reflects our very own Filipino family values.” “May this recognition inspire us to continue creating content that bridges culture, resonate with diverse audience and strengthen the bond between the Philippines and Japan. Thank you for this incredible honor. Arigato gozaimasu! Maraming salamat! Let’s volt in!” 


“Voltes V: Legacy – The Cinematic Experience” will be screened on Feb. 10 at the Shangri-La Plaza; Feb. 25, the SM Seaside City Cebu; and March 3, the SM City Baguio, SM City Iloilo, and SM City Davao cinemas. The opening film in this year’s Japanese film festival was the pulse-raising, action-packed basketball film “The First Slam Dunk.” The movie was based on the classic manga and animé series. The ongoing Japanese Film Festival 2024 will run until March 3 in select cinemas, for free, in Manila, Cebu, Baguio, Iloilo, and Davao. The film event will kick off at the SM Seaside City Cebu on Feb. 16, and SM City Baguio, Iloilo, and Davao on Feb. 23. It will also have a run at the UPFI Film Center starting Feb. 22. 




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