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Kyiv: Key Ukraine-Poland border reopened despite trucker protests

KYIV, Ukraine, December 12 ------ Kyiv said that the largest cargo crossing point between Ukraine and Poland was reopened despite a weeks-long protest staged by Polish hauliers barring traffic for truckers over the frontier.  


Truck traffic at four border crossings has been paralysed since November by Polish hauliers, who are demanding the reintroduction of entry permits for their Ukrainian competitors. "The blockade of the Yahodyn-Dorogusk checkpoint is over. Stable truck traffic has been restored since 14:00 (1200 GMT)," Ukraine's Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov said on social media. "The blocking of the largest cargo crossing point lasted for more than a month," he said, adding that several trucks had already begun crossing from both sides of the frontier. 


Ukraine relies heavily on road transport with EU-member Poland for its exports and imports, particularly since the Russian invasion nearly two years ago. The European Union waived the entry permits following Russia's invasion but Polish road carriers say undercutting by their Ukrainian competitors has taken a serious toll on their earnings. 


Kubrakov said that unblocking the Yahodyn-Dorogusk border was only the beginning of easing cargo traffic at other crossings. "The border must be fully unblocked, and further blockages will not be allowed," he added. Kyiv said earlier that the fallout from the protest had been "catastrophic" and that Ukrainian drivers stuck at the border were experiencing "dire" conditions.  




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