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Kim Chiu admits not being open to giving a second chance

February 23 ------ Kim Chiu was once again put on the hot seat when she was asked if she was the type to give second chances to an ex-boyfriend who would betray her trust, to which she said no. 


Without mentioning anyone in particular, Chiu was asked by her “It’s Showtime” co-host Vhong Navarro during its “Expecially For You” segment if she’s the type of person who believes in second chances should a partner break her heart. “Sa pagmamahal? Hindi, ilalaban mo naman talaga,” said Chiu at first.  


But Navarro asked Chiu again what she would do if she fought for a relationship but the partner ended up leaving her. “Halimbawa, nilaban mo naman tapos nawala? Tapos gusto pang bumalik.” The actress-host appeared to laugh at first but stressed that she’s not one to give second or third chances whenever an ex would beg her to take him back. “Ako kasi ‘yung taong kapag iniwan mo na ako, bakit mo ako iniwan, diba? So hindi na,” she said while clarifying that the topic of second chances depends on the person and situation itself. “Iba-iba naman ‘yan. Kapag nand’un ka na, hindi mo masasabi. Wala talagang makakapagsabi kung ano ang magiging desisyon mo kapag nand’un ka na,” she further added. 


Also during the noontime show’s “Expecially For You” segment, Chiu made headlines after becoming emotional when she talked about moving on and acceptance earlier this month. 




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