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Kathryn Bernardo as she enters her solo era: ‘Know when to walk away’

February 5 ------ Kathryn Bernardo is excited to embark on her solo journey following her contract renewal with ABS-CBN’s Star Magic, saying self-love and knowing “when to walk away” are some of the lessons she holds close to her heart. 


Bernardo reflected on the lessons she had in the previous year during an interview with MJ Felipe on ABS-CBN News’ YouTube channel, following her contract signing with the network. “Love yourself. Know when to walk away, know when to stay. Dapat alam mo ‘yung value mo,” said the actress. She also recalled how ABS-CBN COO Cory Vidanes and ABS-CBN CEO Carlo Katigbak always reminded her to be kind. “Ito ‘yung greatest lesson nina Tita Cory and CLK: You can never go wrong with kindness and na-prove ko ‘yun sa lahat ng nangyaring ito. Walang masama kung maging mabuti ka. If you do something good, babalik sa’yo ‘yun. If you do something bad, babalik sa’yo ‘yun. Nasa sa’yo anong gagawin mo,” she said, referring to the ABS-CBN execs using their nicknames. The actress also expressed her excitement about “focusing on [herself] and what [she] wants” despite the adjustments coming her way. “I guess may konting adjustments. But it’s a good kind of change. Ngayon ko lang na-feel na it’s so empowering as a woman and ang sarap sa pakiramdam na alam ko nang hawak ko na ang buhay ko at ang sarili ko,” she said. “At the end of the day, it’s all about [myself]. [I can] do what makes [me] happy.” 


‘I’m at peace’ 

During the interview, Bernardo admitted that she wants to “prioritize [herself] this year and that she’s looking forward to the things she wants to do not only in showbiz but also in her personal life. The actress last November announced her breakup from Daniel Padilla, her boyfriend of 11 years, amid allegations of infidelity against the actor. “I want to prioritize myself in general. I want to do the things I haven’t done before. I want to continue doing things I [enjoy],” she said. “If a woman is happy and contented, hindi mo na kailangang i-explain ang sarili mo. It just radiates and shows and maybe ‘yun ang nakikita ng mga tao… I’m at peace.” “I’m gonna be okay… Ako ‘yung klaseng tao na ayaw kong hindi ko hawak ang buhay ko. Ayaw ko ng nag-dictate sa’kin,” she further added. 


In terms of her career, Bernardo said she’s “really open” to work with anyone as it allows her to grow. “I’m really open to working with different leading men or different women na alam kong may matutunan pa ako.” “I feel na ang dami kong opportunities and gusto ko lang i-open ang doors ko sa lahat ng opportunities na ‘yun (I feel like I have more opportunities now and I want to open my doors to those opportunities),” she continued. Bernardo, who marked her 20th year in showbiz, reaffirmed her dedication to Star Magic in a grand contract signing event on Feb. 2. She also admitted that she received many offers from other networks and talent agencies, however, she is firm that she will remain with ABS-CBN and Star Magic. 




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