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Jodi Sta. Maria visits Antarctica, completes journey to 7 continents

MANILA, Philippines, February 8 ------ Actress Jodi Sta. Maria completed her trips to the seven continents of the world after a visit to Antarctica. 


Jodi shared on her Instagram account several photos of her trip to the icy continent, which ticked off her global list. These include pictures of penguins, sea lions, snowy mountains, and ice-filled waters. "It feels like being on another planet while still on Earth. So peaceful. So quiet. So magical," Jodi described the journey in the post's caption. Photos won't even tell half of what I have experienced, seen, heard, and smelled in Antarctica. So humbling to feel tiny yet consequential." 


Last year, Jodi celebrated her 41st birthday by going on a Silk Road tour with her son Thirdy, also traveling to Italy, Malta, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Singapore in 2023. Her last project was the series "Unbreak My Heart," which followed 2022's "The Broken Marriage Vow," and the movie "Labyu With An Accent." Jodi will next be seen in a biopic of Martial Law activist Edgar Jopson, which stars Elijah Canlas.   




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