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Jerald Napoles and Kim Molina focus on individual careers, investments

MANILA, Philippines, May 8 ------ Long-time partners Jerald Napoles and Kim Molina are at the stage in their lives where they are focusing on their individual careers and investments, and at the same time, planning their future together. 


Jerald said they are preparing for a lot of things, especially now that he and Kim are getting older. “We also talked about a lot of things. But all the earnings that we have, we all want to put it in investments, which is our goal,” the actor told select press in an interview for TV5’s “Barangay Singko Panalo” where he served as the host and game master. “So if ever, in five years’ time, if we need to build a family, let’s say for example I want 10 (children)… Pwedeng huminto. We have investments (and) that’s our focus,” added Jerald. He likewise recalled that during the pandemic that KimJe tandem took off. After that, they concentrated on their individual projects. “(We went for) individual brands (like) Kim Molina, Jerald Napoles. So medyo niraratrat pa namin yun while planning things in our private lives,” he shared. “So it’s like, ‘Ano muna tayo, go create your own path also. Go on your career journey.’ So we could have separate brands.” 


As of now, they don’t have joint accounts but when it comes to expenses, they would split their household costs. “It’s automatic. Who’s going to pay for the Wi-Fi, who’s going to pay for this and that. We already have a list. Because we are living together,” explained Jerald. They started living under one roof during the pandemic. “We didn’t have any conflict (about it). Taking the risk of living together during the pandemic and getting past it, I don’t think meron pang conflict na darating na mas ko-conflict pa dun,” stressed Jerald. “We also quarreled during the pandemic, plenty of it. Lumabas yung ugali naming dalawa sa isa’t isa. It’s good na lumabas na as in bargasan talaga. And that’s OK because that’s when your (relationship) will be tested. (You will say), ‘Samahan ko ba ‘to ng matagal sa buhay ko?’” The two have been together for 10 years. They met on the set of the hit musical “Rak of Aegis” in 2014. 




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