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Jennylyn Mercado resumes acting career

MANILA, Philippines, January 15 ------ Time flies, as the cliché goes, for it moves forward. But the GMA primetime series Love. Die. Repeat says otherwise — time can be halted and repeated to some extent and in a certain circumstance. This phenomenon is explored in the comeback TV project of actress Jennylyn Mercado, who starred in the Kapuso adaptation of the South Korean drama series Descendants of the Sun three years ago. 


In Love. Die. Repeat, which premieres tonight at 8:50 on GMA Prime, she plays Angela, who wishes to change the course of destiny for her husband Bernard, portrayed by Xian Lim. She is in the mood of what a line from a song states: “If only I could turn back time.” The solution is to be in a time loop, which the female character either discovers by chance or is simply caught in it. “Para rin kaming nasa time loop kasi tatlong taon na, yun pa rin ang suot ko (it seems that we, the actors, are also in a time loop because three years have passed and I am, as my character, still wearing the same clothes),” said Jennylyn of her extraordinary work experience on the set of GMA’s romance, drama, and fantasy show in a recent presscon. The taping for the primetime show started in 2021 but was put on hold because she was expecting Baby Dylan, her and Dennis Trillo’s first child. The couple has two sons, Alex Jazz and Calix Andreas, from their previous relationships. “‘Pag balik ko, ito na naman yung suot ko. OK it seems that we are also in a time loop. That’s how challenging (our work is),” she added. 


It’s safe to say that with her sojourn from doing show business, Jennylyn, at some point, wondered if she still had it in her. As a skill, acting takes practice and gets rusty after some time. “Parang hindi na ako marunong ‘pag balik ko (it seemed that I didn’t know how to act when I returned for work),” recalled she. “Parang ganun yung feeling na ‘Kayo na ang bahala sa akin’ (the feeling was like ‘I leave everything to you all [my fellow creatives]’). Grabe talaga yung nerbiyos ko ‘pag kabalik ko. I’m thankful to my co-actors and to my directors, who are there and ready to offer their support.” 


Valerie Concepcion, Malou de Guzman, Ina Feleo, Valeen Montenegro, Samantha Lopez, Mike Tan, Shyr Valdez, Victor Anastacio, and Faye Lorenzo complete the ensemble cast, while Jerry Sineneng and Irene Villamor are the directors. “When you say (your character is in a) time loop, you will do every scene again and again, and you should show a different level of emotions, a different kind of approach, and a different feeling every time,” Jennylyn gave everyone the idea of how challenging the role is. Again, she acknowledged the talents around her, who have become her source of inspiration and strength to portray Angela. Also supporting her and believing in her talent is Dennis, who also offered pieces of advice. “Mag-enjoy ka lang (he told me to enjoy),” said Jennylyn in a Chika Minute TV interview. “‘wag mong isipin na nasa work ka. Basta isipin mo na mahal mo yung ginagawa mo (he also said that I should not think of it as work. I just have to think that I love what I’m doing), babalik ka na sa trabaho mo na talagang first love mo (and that I’m coming back to my first love.)” 


Jennylyn is also aware that Love. Die. Repeat is expected to make a good showing in the ratings game, given its primetime timeslot. “So, I’m really a bit pressured, kaya pinagdadasal ko talaga na sana suportahan, kapitan ng mga tao ang show na ito (that’s why I’m praying that the viewers will support it and follow it),” said she. Described by its creators as “a unique story of love with a hint of fantasy,” Love. Die. Repeat also features the first team-up of Jennylyn and Xian. “Si Xian madali siyang pakisamahan kasi madali siyang ka-trabaho, magiging friends kayo agad (it’s easy to get along with him, so work is easy and breezy. You’ll be friends right away),” said she. 


As Angela makes sense of the boon and bane that comes with the ability to live a particular day in her life several times, the show also reminds everyone that time is gold, as in precious, and they should take every day as a chance to spend quality time with loved ones. Again, the story of Angela begins tonight at 8:50 and airs from Mondays to Fridays. It is also broadcast on GTV from 10:50 to 11:25 p.m. 




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