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Janine Gutierrez renews ties with ABS-CBN, game to work with GMA stars

MANILA, Philippines, November 10 ------ Janine Gutierrez is excited to renew her contract with ABS-CBN and be part of their “global vision.” “I’m just happy, really, to renew at ABS-CBN. From the bottom of my heart talaga, nagpapasalamat ako,” said the actress in our interview after her recent contract-signing with ABS-CBN executives.

ABS-CBN chief executive officer (CEO) Carlo Katigbak had earlier thanked Janine for her commitment to the network, especially during challenging times. “Thank you again for choosing to be a Kapamilya. When I was listening to you doing your interview there, you were saying that Kapamilya is someone who stays with you through thick and thin, and I remember you chose to be part of ABS-CBN even after we had lost the franchise. To me, that’s proof that family stays together no matter what.” He further said, “We’re very, very proud of what you have done here in ABS-CBN, most lately with Dirty Linen. We’re very, very proud of what you’ve done for us Janine. Thank you so much for choosing to be a Kapamilya. You’re a very well-loved member of the ABS-CBN family.”

As a Kapamilya, Janine has done a variety of projects, including the romantic-comedy series Marry Me, Marry You, the LGBTQ-themed film Sleep with Me, and the thriller-drama Dirty Linen. Under her new contract, she teased that she will continue to do movies and series. “What I love working in ABS, parang very global talaga yung vision natin, yung content natin alam mong Filipino siya, Philippines yung mga issues, but it’s global yung pagkagawa, yung pagka-release,” she told The STAR. “Ito na din talaga yung pangarap ko, makasama ako dun sa mga projects na i-expose sa ibang bansa like Dirty Linen, which is is part of the Content Asia Awards. And I know that all the partnerships of ABS with Prime, where Dirty Linen is streaming, Sleep with Me naman is on Netflix, excited talaga ako that yung vision ng ABS is global and I get to be part of it.”

Asked if she’s been actively seeking out and auditioning for international projects, she admitted, “Hindi. I haven’t really thought about it. What I would prefer is yun nga, do projects that we do here, tapos makilala na ‘Ah, Pilipinas to.’ But of course, kung may dumating na Hollywood, why not ‘di ba? Punta tayo dyan.” Meanwhile, Janine hasn’t really taken a break after the end of Dirty Linen. She’s been busy filming but cannot talk about what she’s doing as of yet. “Actually, ‘di naman po talaga ako nag- break. ‘Di ko lang ma-post… May ginagawa akong movie,” she said. “‘Di ko makwento. May mga NDA (non-disclosure agreement).”

Speaking of Dirty Linen, she loves how the writers wrapped up the series. “Yes, I think, (the ending for the characters was) well-deserved because the story was really about justice. I really liked what the writers did na napakagaling. In a way, it was poetic, yung naging ending na nabaon,” she said, referring to how Carlos and Leona Fiero (played by John Arcilla and Janice de Belen) ended up being trapped underground and presumed buried alive with their hidden wealth. “We’re happy with the ending. Even with the ending of Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo) and (my character) Mila,” said Janine. Asked if she wants something similar, storytelling-wise, for her next ABS-CBN project, she said, “Sinasabi ko nga mahirap na din magsabi kasi mas higit pa yung naiisip ng ABS para sa akin. Like Dirty Linen, I would never have thought of it but it’s my dream role. So (I know) anything that they give me, maganda talaga. I will happily accept it. Janine is very open to the possibility of working again with her mom Lotlot de Leon after the film Dito at Doon and briefly in Marry Me, Marry You. “I want something like (the 2017 film) Lady Bird, a mother-daughter story,” she expressed. Janine was also asked if she’s willing to work with artists from GMA, her former network. “Oo kasi nagko-collab. Wala, of course (problem), happy to work with (GMA artists)... (I want to work with) kahit sino. Lahat sila.” Regarding the possibility of reuniting with Paulo Avelino, following their collaboration in Marry Me, Marry You and the 2022 film Ngayon Kaya, Janine, who has been romantically linked with the Linlang actor, expressed her willingness: “Oh my gosh, sila po kasi nag-de-decide nun eh. Anything they will have planned for me, I’m super game. Whatever it is, I’m sure they know best.” Meanwhile, asked about her lovelife, a smiling Janine answered, “OK naman,” and playfully added, “My heart is happy naman kasi kaka-contract sign ko lang, haha!”



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