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Janine Gutierrez ready to take on more projects for global audiences

November 15 ------ What Janine Gutierrez would love to do, especially now that she recently renewed her management contract with ABS-CBN, is to keep taking part in projects that are “very Filipino” in content but have global appeal. “That’s why I chose to stay as a Kapamilya as well. ABS-CBN’s vision is very global. While our shows feature issues that are very Filipino, people beyond our country also find them appealing. This is my plan—to be part of projects that will be exposed to foreign audiences, just like ‘Dirty Linen,” she pointed out.

Janine admitted that she has yet to try actively auditioning for roles in international projects, just like her colleagues Lovi Poe, Inigo Pascual, Ruby Ruiz and Dolly de Leon, for example. “I just haven’t thought about it. I prefer the projects that we do here that we also send abroad. But of course, if something comes up, I’m game for anything,” she told Inquirer Entertainment. Followers of “Dirty Linen” took to social media to express their views on how the series concluded on Aug. 25. Janine said she couldn’t be more satisfied with the ending, as well. “It is really a story of justice. I’m happy with the ending, even to what happened to Aidan (Zanjoe) and Mila (Janine). I liked it because it was actually sort of poetic,” she explained. “I’m thankful to ABS-CBN for allowing me to be part of that show. There were moments throughout the almost one year that we were shooting the series when I would still feel amazed that I’m part of it.”

Kapamilya forever’

Janine said that after doing “Dirty Linen” and the film “Sleep With Me” with Lovi Poe (currently streaming on Netflix), she is ready to take on anything again. “I feel like my ABS-CBN bosses would know better than what I can imagine for myself. I never thought I’d be able to play the kind of role I did in ‘Dirty Linen.’ Now, I have full faith in them that they know what’s best for me,” she said. “Everyday that I go to work, I feel excited. I’m thrilled to keep acting, to read the fresh batch of scripts, to talk to my directors and creative team members. ‘Dirty Linen’ was a really fun experience. It also felt so fulfilling to be made aware of the reaction of those who watched it, not only here, but also abroad. They were invested on it emotionally. “There’s no doubt in my mind that I want to be a Kapamilya forever. There is so much I want to share but couldn’t because of an NDA (nondisclosure agreement). I just want to say I didn’t stop working after ‘Dirty Linen’ ended. Hopefully, I can share them with you by the end of the month.”

Family support

She still has a long list of Kapamilya artists she wants to collaborate with in the future, Janine added. “My idols are Jodi Sta. Maria, Iza Calzado, Angel Locsin, Anne Curtis… I also hope to get to work with icons like Ms Maricel Soriano,” said Janine, adding that she would love to do more projects with her mom, Lotlot de Leon, too. “We’ve worked a little in ‘Marry Me, Marry You.’ I hope we get offered to do a mother-daughter project like ‘Lady Bird.’”



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