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Jake Cuenca and Sue Ramirez take pride in making people laugh

February 15 ------ The APT Entertainment-produced-for-TV5 “Jack and Jill sa Diamond Hills” has become a platform and playground for Jake Cuenca and Sue Ramirez to showcase their mettle in comedy, particularly situation comedy.


The two reliable actors have never faltered in tickling one’s funny bone, while telling viewers relatable stories. Jake and Sue have taken on the challenge to play the roles of Jack, the policeman, and Jill, the investigator, who pretended to be a married couple for undercover work that would find “leads” to drug-related incidents. “It’s a surprise to us that we’ve reached season four,” said Sue of the show’s recent milestone. “We’re so grateful to APT and TV5 for extending the show and giving us the chance to make people happy every Sunday. I’ve never expected that the show would reach this far.”


She added that they were initially informed that “Jack and Jill sa Diamond Hills” would only run for two seasons, and that was it. Voila! It was gifted two more seasons. “We’re just thankful to our audience. We saw them grow,” said Jake. “We’re really grateful that there’s more. I think with that mindset, parang kaya siguro din siya humaba ng ganito kasi humble yung naging approach namin.” According to Sue, the cast and the crew work hard for the show, “and we always try to prove something that this show is worth extending.” Aside from that, Jake added that they truly love doing “Jack and Jill sa Diamond Hills.” “Everybody does his or her part. Nagagampanan nila ng maayos yung mga roles nila (They’ve played their roles well). We have a happy set.” 


What also contributes to its success is everybody’s excitement to work, shared Sue. For actors like them who have done varied genres like drama (K-Love) to action (The Iron Heart), what are their thoughts about doing comedy? Jake and Sue were lovely and remarkable in the movie, Status: It’s Complicated, and the series, Oh My Dad!, respectively. “Sabi nga po nila mas mahirap magpatawa kesa magpaiyak (like what they usually say, it’s challenging to make people laugh rather than cry). Certainly, you hit buttons easily when you want viewers (to sympathize) and shed tears with your character, but it’s a tough act to please them if you want to make them laugh,” said Sue, emphasizing that she and Jake can’t take all the credit for essaying their roles well and making the show fun to watch. It takes a committed and dedicated production team and ensemble cast to make all this possible. For Jake, doing “Jack and Jill sa Diamond Hills” is beyond his comfort zone. “It’s not exactly what I’m used to. I’m into drama and action,” said he. “Personally, I’m so grateful to Sue kasi sinasakyan ko lang ang ginagawa niya.” Sue shared that Jake would eventually find his footing and way in the show’s Season Two.


As collaborators, they support each other and consider themselves equals. That has helped a lot in building and strengthening their chemistry onscreen. Prior to the weekend TV series, Jake and Sue worked in K-Love and The Iron Heart. “Since we’re in season four, we’re well-adjusted,” said Sue about switching to their roles on the set. “It’s easier to understand and memorize the lines of our characters. We know the flow of the story of our characters.” Asked what viewers can look forward to in their characters Jack and Jill, story arc-and-character development-wise, Jake said, “For this season, I’m playing a dual role. You’re gonna see me in both roles bida and kontrabida, but Jack (the policeman is essentially there). It’s challenging, and it’s gonna be different.” “I think it’s interesting (that I’ll be playing this kind of character). People often see me as kontrabida (antagonist in previous shows). It’s the first time that I’m gonna do it (kontabida) in comedy or in a comedic way,” added he.


In the debut season, Jack and Jill were introduced as enemies. Given their differences in personality and background, they were surprised to be living under one roof for the sake of work, said Sue. “They’ve pretended to be husband and wife. Towards season four, (the romantic feelings between them) and their (potential to become) boyfriend and girlfriend develop,” added she. “Jill has changed, mas pa-girl na siya (the boyish Jill has become girly), mas kinikilig siya kay Jack.” Viewers get to pick up insights and helpful pieces of information about relationships as they follow every character’s individual story. Jake said there are new characters entering the picture, and Jack and Jill’s relationship will be put to the test. “Parang may love triangle na magaganap,” he added .


Regarding lessons about relationships viewers can learn from Jack and Jill, Sue had this to say, “It’s more of being open to your partner. Jack and Jill have (a heart-to-heart) talk that there will be no secrets between them. Dapat nakikinig sa isa’t-isa (it’s important to listen to one another).” What Jake noticed about Jack and Jill is that they’re helping each other in everything. “To make something work, it’s gonna take team effort. It takes two to make a relationship work,” said he.




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