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It’s 'local independent artists’ turn to rise in the digital age of the music industry

December 3 ------ As the music industry transforms in today’s digital age, many music artists leverage popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Youtube to gain exposure and connect with a global audience. The music market has become more competitive which makes it even harder to stand out.

In today’s music industry, besides producing great pieces and albums, one should have consistent efforts to drive music discovery, understand listeners and the market better, and advance with the changing music landscape to truly shine in the field. There is a lot to put into consideration when wandering the music business which makes strategizing a must to effectively and efficiently market one’s work. A digital music company, Believe, offers marketing solutions for local artists to build their audiences and careers in their region and country. The company aims to help artists make informed decisions to grow their visibility, career, and income while still respecting their independence. Through leveraging cutting-edge technology and strong relationships with its key partners - producers, digital streaming services, video, and social media platforms, artists can expect the all-inclusive support they need from music conceptualization, production, and music video filming, to its distribution and monetization journey.

Empowering artists to reach their full potential

Believe supports local musicians in unlocking their full potential by providing them with the essential things to thrive in the digital age of the music industry. From branding, and distribution of music, to monetization of an artist, the music company combines technology with a multitude of services that help artists reach their goals. With their in-house technology, developed and maintained by their network of data and music experts, they are able to assist artists in distributing every music content and format to more than 200 digital platforms and streaming services - through Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Youtube, and other download and streaming stores worldwide. Besides distribution services, Believe also crafts go-to-market strategies customized for labels and artists to make their music accessible to the widest audience and engage their fanbase. They even provide independent artists a range of à la carte artist services for fundraising, promotion, and music creation, plus Music Publishing Administration and YouTube Content ID income collection.

On top of the distribution, marketing, and promotion services, the digital music company will launch its newest imprint under Artist Services (AS) to serve independent artists with more offerings such as long-term campaign commitments and global development strategies. With AS service and new imprint, Believe aims to be a one-stop shop for all artists’ needs - providing more dedicated attention, a macro-approach to building audiences, data management essentials, social media strategies, and the right resources that fit each release of an artist. The main goal of this service is to give artists a personalized experience that will ensure efficiency in their work and professional advancement as they will be accompanied by a passionate and experienced team at every level of their career. Thanks to its strong partnerships with digital platforms, Artist Services stands out by its proficiency in fostering the growth of artists through a combination of technology, data, innovation, and digital marketing with human expertise.

A local Filipino artist, Nik Makino, who is known for his two hit songs “Neneng B” and “Lexi,” was the first artist tapped by Weed Jaralla, Head of Believe AS Philippines, for a partnership. Nik shares in an interview how the partnership has helped him rebrand himself into an artist who sincerely inspires his listeners. “First of all, when there's a party for kids, I'm not that happy to hear that they listen to my song “Neneng B.” As a human being and not as Nik Makino, I ask myself why I put out that type of lyrics when I hear my song at those parties. I mean, don't get me wrong I am proud of what I've done, but I also observe how people react and I think that it's not appropriate. That's why I really changed myself,” explained Nik Makino when asked about why he wanted to change his artist image, realizing his influence and impact on the younger generation. Believe AS supported his endeavor to change his ‘bad boy’ image into an artist that positively influences its listeners by guiding him from his decision-making stage of rebranding, album conceptualization, and music and video production, to its distribution, promotions, and monetization.

This led Nik to release its first full album, HYPE ONE’S, a three-part compilation uncovering a more personal side of him which became known successfully. “Well, [Believe] have always supported me and my plans, although there are times that they do not agree with some of the ideas because they think it's not right, but most of the time, they do agree with me especially if I really like the plan,” he said. The music company has boosted the visibility and audience engagement of Nik’s releases by making use of its strong connections with digital platforms - bringing Nik the opportunity to sell his music on Spotify and be one of the artists to promote the music streaming app. Believe also helped him create his playlist covers and have his promo materials seen on billboards. Moreover, the team provided guidance in maximizing his presence on social media platforms like Tiktok, Facebook, and YouTube, assisting Nik as he focused on uploading videos, reels, and shorts which helped his social networks grow.



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