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Ice Seguerra fulfills long-time dream of Christmas caroling

December 28 ------ Christmas came early for residents of Barangay Tatalon as singer-songwriterIce Seguerra brought them joy through music.


Growing up in the limelight, Seguerra's early years were not that of the typical kid. At the height of his popularity as a child star, the star couldn't even go out on the street to play with kids the same age. Needless to say, there were many other things Segeurra never got to experience, like Christmas caroling, for one. "I entered showbiz at an early age, so I never had the opportunity to go caroling randomly, as in walk house to house. That's why I really want to do it." 


Seguerra didn't have to be asked twice when the opportunity presented itself. Joining efforts with Solmux Advance, an upgraded solution to the popular cough brand of top homegrown healthcare company Unilab, Inc., Segeurra went Christmas caroling to select residents of Barangay Tatalon, Quezon City. Therefore, Christmas came early to elders Golden Alquiza, Fe Ocheada, Simplicia Cunanan, Erlinda Sese, and Isabel Angeles as Segeurra came to their homes unannounced, bringing some holiday cheers through music. They were all pleasantly surprised to see the now celebrated singer-songwriter in front of their homes, singing to them no less. That night was truly unforgettable for the individuals and their families who were visited by Segeurra, but the night was even more meaningful for the artist. "I am happy that I visited them because I really have a soft spot for the elderly. I see my parents in them, and I wish now that they are in their twilight years, they could rest and enjoy life, like just sweeping in front of the house or gardening," Segeurra expressed.


The artist also shared that the experience gave a whole new meaning to Christmas caroling for him. "My job is to sing; when you're younger, you do it for the money. Whatever amount, even coins. But now, singing for people and making them happy — singing for one person, and this person probably needs it the most at that particular time — gives me purpose." Before the night's engagement, Segeurra was recuperating from a cough and cold aggravated by an asthma attack. The singer took it as a blessing that he partnered with Solmux Advance for the activity since the performer could recover from his cough immediately and prevent it from worsening. Despite being visibly worn out as the activity drew to a close, Segeurra was just over the moon. "I am tired but happy because it's all worth it," the well-loved celebrity ended.



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