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Hellmann cuts CO2 footprint with HMM’s Green Sailing Service

March 7 ------ South Korea’s national flagship carrier HMM has forged a strategic partnership with Germany’s transport and logistics company Hellmann Worldwide Logistics that will see Hellmann becoming an official participant of HMM’s Green Sailing Service.


The Green Sailing Service aims to help shippers and stakeholders reduce Scope 3 carbon emissions by allowing them to report carbon reductions directly resulting from HMM vessels sailing on low-carbon fuels. HMM’s carbon insetting solution enables Hellmann to actively reduce its carbon footprint and effectively manage Scope 3 emissions through the use of second-generation marine biofuel. The biofuel consists of 30% biodiesel derived from non-food biomass (used cooking oil methyl ester or UCOME) and 70% high-sulfur fuel oil (HSFO). The amount of CO2 saved using marine biofuel was allocated to Hellmann for the Scope 3 emission reduction during maritime transport.


HMM currently uses biofuels on its designated vessels to generate less carbon emissions on a lifecycle basis (Well to Wake). Other alternative fuels, including LNG and methanol, are expected to be available in the latter half of the year or early next year. In addition, HMM will issue a ‘Green Sailing Service Declaration’ that contains the amount of carbon reduction and alternative fuels used based on relevant documents. Third-party certification will also be provided in the near term.


“We are delighted to experience one of the finest examples of successful cooperation between industries making meaningful progress toward a net-zero future. Together with Hellmann, we will continue to develop mutually beneficial relationships and, at the same time, welcome anyone with whom we can share the ambitions for environmental initiatives and find a way to go green,” Shin Kim, Chief Container Business Officer (CCO) of HMM, said.


“As a sector with a substantial impact on global CO2 emissions, we carry a significant responsibility to foster greener logistics. Through our collaboration with HMM and active involvement in the Green Sailing Service program, Hellmann is reaffirming its commitment to sustainable practices in the seafreight industry,” Jens Wollesen, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, commented. “By providing our clients with insetting solutions, we directly reduce CO2 emissions where they are being produced rather than merely offsetting them. I firmly believe that this approach is the path forward for the global container shipping industry to make a meaningful impact and to enable our customers to decarbonize their supply chains,” he added.


In related news, classification society Korean Register (KR) recently verified a greenhouse gas reduction calculation methodology developed by HMM. Specifically, the greenhouse gas reduction methodology verified by KR involves calculating the amount of reduced greenhouse gases based on the fuel’s life cycle emissions (Well-to-Wake), which includes WtT (Well-to-Tank) and TtW (Tank-to-Wake) emissions. HMM uses this verified methodology in the Green Sailing Service.



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