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Heart Evangelista on renewal of vows with Sen.Chiz Escudero: 'Love is unconditional'

February 12 ------ On Feb. 14, Heart Evangelista will celebrate her 39th birthday and ninth-year wedding anniversary with  Sen. Francis 'Chiz'  Escudero. According to reports, the venue will be the exclusive island of  Balesin, where they first wed. 


The Kapuso actress and fashion influencer observed that her nine years of marriage to Chiz is worth celebrating because it has a "lot of untold stories." One thing it proved to her was that love is really "unconditional." Heart spoke for the first time about her near-separation with Chiz in 2022 during an event launching her as the new endorser of Ultherapy, a non-invasive skin-lifting treatment. "You know, people go through stuff. And I never really spoke about it. But it was a major, major one." As a married couple, it's really meaningful for us to have this moment. And there are so many other things happening around me, so this is the perfect time for us," she pointed out. Heart said the occasion is "very special" to her because of one important realization. "I thought I knew what love was, but now I know what love should be. And so I feel like I'm getting married actually for the first time again," she remarked. 


What is her birthday wish? " Honestly for me, health is most important. Even if you don't have everything, if you have good health, you can achieve anything in life. You can dream." Heart added that getting older has made her more accepting of herself, including her flaws. "Perfection is not of this world. I think it's something that we should embrace.That's why I did a YouTube channel.Because, you know, you don't want to pretend to be all happy when you're not, and then something comes up and then it ruins the whole narrative. It's better to just, this is it. This is me." She admitted that she used to be insecure about "being petite." "I've seen all these beautiful women.And I used to be very insecure about my height and how I look.But now, I embrace it because it's different,and it makes people curious.It's your charm.Sometimes, your flaws are your charm," she stressed. She added that she has also become more resilient. "After so long, you realize you keep going through the same patterns in life...and you develop a resistance towards certain things. You become kind of strong. I feel like it really does come with age. You kind of treasure yourself more. You give yourself a pat on the back because you've been through so much." 


Heart was chosen ambassador by the Ultherapy® brand for her "jet-setting career, distinctive style, artistic flair, and global presence," The actress revealed she would be sharing her journey to true confidence, emphasizing the importance of authenticity in the modern world. “Having the confidence to show your true self and bare the real you as a person that’s distinct, relatable, and true is what people can be inspired by,” shared Heart. “I’m excited to take on this new role as we not only celebrate the beauty that is not just on our skin but also reflects the confidence within us.” The actress revealed that she has been offered a few movie projects this year, including one with her ex-boyfriend, Jericho Rosales. "It really depends if everything works out. It's all about timing." 




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