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Heart Evangelista on embracing authenticity and financial progress

February 20 ------ Heart Evangelista, who turned 39 on February 14, finds herself busier than ever. In addition to her acting career, her schedule is packed with shoots, business meetings, and international fashion show appearances. Many wonder how she manages to maintain her effortlessly stunning appearance amid a hectic schedule, as well as how she effectively handles her finances. 


As it turns out, there are a couple of reasons behind her success. Firstly, she swears by Ultherapy, the only skin tightening non-invasive procedure approved by the US FDA. Secondly, she attributes part of her financial management to GCash, which has been instrumental in her financial journey.   


The 'Power of U' 

Ultherapy announced the lifestyle and fashion icon as its newest ambassador. Among other promotions, Evangelista leads the campaign "The Power of U" which aims to inspire individuals to embrace authenticity and present themselves confidently to the world. During the launch, Evangelista was asked about her experience with Ultherapy and how it fits into her jetsetter lifestyle. She highlighted the immediate results she experiences after undergoing the treatments, particularly in skin tightening. "Dr. Aivee [Teo] does the treatments on me. I'm not getting any younger, I'm 39, you have all of these amazing machines and science and evolution that are there available so they always educate me what the best machine would be and definitely Ulthera is our top maintenance for me," she shared. "I do that to maintain my skin, to tighten, especially the jowls which is the No. 1 problem as we age, sad to say, especially when you're a happy person you keep smiling sometimes it does sag and then the neck. It's a little bit painful but no pain no gain," she added. Applying the "The Power of U" in her daily life and work, Evangelista stressed the importance of embracing authenticity and owning one's narrative. "I know that nowadays people keep on using authenticity, but I feel like we should use it even more because at the end of the day, no mask can be kept on for a long time and you have to embrace your flaws, you have to normalize being human and not being perfect. Your skin can be, your outfit can be, but life can't so you have to use this. As they say 'weakness can be your weapon. "I believe that it's like a soft power because that's life and being a role model, perfection taught of this world, so you have to inevitably show your real life and don't be ashamed of what you've done because it completes the story, and it makes you inspiring," she continued. Evangelista also recalled instances she felt the need to take control, especially in the face of public scrutiny and expectations. "I'm an easy girl. You put me somewhere, I'll grow there. I'm super trusting and it's so easy, especially when you're in the spotlight, for certain situations to paint you as this or that. Sometimes perception does become reality, that's the sad truth. But honestly, you have to take control because nobody is perfect. That's why I started to do like my YouTube channel. I wanted to have a different narrative where you see it as is as much as possible. I kind of want to normalize that because before, especially in our country, perfection is what they want because it's inspiring but it's not real," she explained.  


Not too long after her Ultherapy launch, Evangelista was launched as the new endorser of finance app and cashless ecosystem GCash. Her lunch event unfolded as a live filming for an upcoming GCash Spotlight episode, set to be published on GCash's YouTube account this month. The episode's theme was inspired by Evangelista's well-loved vlog series where she shares her story on adulting. The GCash Spotlight event, hosted by Boy Abunda, delved into how GCash has greatly impacted her everyday work and life. It comprised four segments that explored how she manages to save, spend, and invest better through the app's various features and products. From being able to "send love" anytime, anywhere to any GCash user for free with Express Send, to using the hassle-free Scan-to-Pay feature at millions of merchants locally and internationally, to enjoying exclusive access to discounts when using GCash to Pay Online for her purchases, Evangelista expressed how much it helps her to be able to pay for her purchases with any payment method without hassle. Evangelista shared, "My financial journey has really been transformative. Whether it's managing my everyday expenses or seeking out the best deals, GCash has played a really big role in that. For me, GCash is the best way to pay, because of the ease and convenience it offers for every kind of situation." Evangelista also shared some of her strategies for saving that allow her to still indulge in personal wants and make investments side by side. She is proving that saving and growing her money doesn't have to equate to placing limitations to her lifestyle. The event also saw Evangelista premiering a new digital platform, GStocks, which is AB Capital Securities, Inc's online retail securities trading services made accessible through the GCash app; it lets users grow their money by investing in stocks with just three simple steps. And when it comes to securing her travels, Evangelista looks to GInsure Travel Insurance. The program finally explored how Evangelista and husband Senator Chiz Escudero find GCash to be their perfect partner when it comes to managing their finances as a couple, and how crucial financial health is for a modern family like theirs. All these can be watched on GCash Spotlight to be uploaded soon on GCash's YouTube account. 




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