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Harame Bro secures ticket to PUBG Mobile World Cup

MANILA, Philippines, June 24 ------ After four weeks of intense gaming, Philippine team Harame Bro emerged victorious over 19 other squads to secure the lone slot to the PUBG Mobile 2024 World Cup after winning the PUBG Mobile Challengers League-Southeast Asia (PMCL SEA) Summer Split. 


The Philippine champion finished second during the elimination weeks, a few points away from top contender Osja Esports of Cambodia. In the four-day grand finals, Harame Bro secured a chicken dinner and consistently finished in the top four to extend its lead by 20 points over Cambodia's Osja Esports after the first day. Though Harame Bros did not get anymore chicken dinners, they scored enough elimination points to keep their hold on first place even as Osja Esports closed the point gap between them, winning the Summer Split with 174 points over Osja Esport's 173 points. 


Other Philippine teams showed that the country is getting more competitive in PUBG Mobile. Strangers Tribe Aeromacy (Stranger Esports in partnership with Tribe Aeromacy) secured the final chicken dinner of the grand finals, earning 161 points to finish in third place; while Exquisite Esports and 214xSIN (214 Esports in collaboration with SIN Esports) ended up in seventh to eighth place with both finishing the tournament at 118 points. PlayBook Esports managed to make it to the top ten with 117 points for a ninth-place finish; while Enigma MSI (Enigma in partnership with Misfit International) failed to secure a chicken dinner to end the tournament at 15th place. 


With their win, Harame Bro will take part in the upcoming PUBG Mobile 2024 World Cup, which will happen as part of the Esports World Cup in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in July. 




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