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GMA Pinoy TV presents seafarer exhibit "Bridging Horizons" by Kristine Lim

September 27 ------ In honor of National Maritime Week and National Seafarer Day, GMA Pinoy TV proudly presents “Bridging Horizons,” an exhibit by missionary visual artist Kristine Lim. The exhibit is on display at the GMA Network Center lobby until September 29, 2023.

In partnership with the Philippine Navy, Lim's exhibit aims to foster diplomatic relations and cultural exchange with various countries. She presents two striking series: the “Amak Art” series and the “Perla de Oriente” collection. The “Amak Art” pays homage to the indigenous people in the Philippines, using the primitive material “Amak,” a material made from tree bark, to create unique artworks. Lim's intention is to preserve and uplift the identity of indigenous communities while providing them with sustainable means of livelihood.

On the other hand, the “Perla de Oriente” collection incorporates the colors and symbols of the Philippine Navy, showcasing national pride and unity. She proudly incorporates in every artwork our national symbols like the Anahaw, Sampaguita, Philippine Eagle, Mango leaves, Bangus, and other representations of our nations. “Bridging Horizons” aims to strengthen diplomatic ties, cultural dialogues, and mutual understanding between nations. It aligns with the Philippine Navy's goal to be modern and multi-capable by 2028, using cultural exchange and arts as platforms for productive conversations. "National Seafarers Day offers us an opportunity to come together as a nation and honor the relentless spirit of our seafarers. As a missionary visual artist and a reservist ambassador for culture and arts in the Philippine Navy, I have seen firsthand the beauty and challenges that encompass the life of a seafarer. Let us use this day to salute their bravery, express our gratitude, and pledge our unwavering support to ensure their safety and well-being. Together, let us celebrate and cherish our seafarers for the incredible contributions they make to our country, as the Lord sends them out to the world!" said Lim.

Lim is a globally renowned and award-winning Filipino missionary visual artist. With a background in visual communications, she has explored various artistic disciplines including painting, drawing, graphic design, film, digital photography, and digital art. Her art is a medium through which she conveys profound messages, aiming to positively impact and transform viewers' lives and dispositions. She is an active and dedicated Philippine Navy Reservist Goodwill Ambassador, using arts and culture for Naval Diplomacy and Civil-Military Operations-related efforts. “Seafarers hold a special place in our history, culture, and economy. This exhibit beautifully bridges our commitment to seafarers, their families, and the communities they serve. It is a testament to the power of art in bridging gaps and fostering understanding, all while paying tribute to our maritime traditions and the invaluable contribution of seafarers to our society,” said GMA First Vice President and Head of International Operations Joseph T. Francia. “We are grateful that Kristine partnered with GMA Pinoy TV, the Home of Global Pinoys.”

Kapuso employees may view “Bridging Horizons at the GMA Network Center Lobby until September 29.



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