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Germany grants €10M for projects to cut ship emissions

June 21 ------ As part of its ‘BordstromTech’ program, Germany’s Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) has supported several projects that aim to reduce ship emissions in sea- and inland ports. Grants amounting to €1.4 million were presented by Daniela Kluckert, Parliamentary State Secretary, at a workshop on alternative technologies for environmentally friendly onboard power and mobile shore power supply for sea and inland vessels at the BMDV. “Our aim is to reduce ship emissions in maritime and inland shipping that are harmful to the environment and health. With the BordstromTech funding, we are therefore providing targeted and technology-neutral support for promising future technologies for onboard power supply and shore power use. With this approach, we are strengthening our technological leadership, making an important contribution to environmental and climate protection, and securing new opportunities in the market economy. To date, we have approved funding totaling around 10 million euros.”  


There are many alternative technology options to reduce the use of conventional diesel generators on board seagoing and inland waterway vessels in the port. The technological range of the projects funded is therefore very diverse: In addition to the procurement of mobile shore power systems, ship upgrades for shore power use are funded, as well as other climate-friendly technologies for onboard power generation. This will boost the market for these technologies and achieve a significant reduction in air pollutants, according to the ministry. 


The projects now being funded have the potential to save a further 353t of greenhouse gas emissions and up to 123t of air pollutant emissions per year, particularly in German ports. BMDV is currently supporting six eco-friendly projects: 

• Climate-friendly passenger shipping on the Danube with €165,000; 

• Helmholtz Center Hereon’s climate-friendly research vessel with €560,000; 

• Relax Wassersport’s floating e-charging station with €240,000; 

• MIZU GmbH’s boat upgrade project with €30,000 

• and Otto Wulf’s tug upgrade project with €70,000. 



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